Ducati 999 : Converted

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This is the "old" Web,from the beginning November 2003  until June 2005 ,when the Durbahn 999V1 was finshed .
It's the whole History of the rebuild , my first thought of what and how to do it ,the first Pictures of Modelwork ,first finished Products.



Latest News    : here you find lots of information and Pictures from the V1 rebuild ...from 04.19.04 to 07.15.05 ,large content .

Introduction : My general thoughts and intentions regarding the rebuild from the start, from Dezember 2003 to May 2004

Rebuilt Projects
I'm working at yet
  : This Section is mainly from 2004 ,where I've made all the Modelwork for the Plastics ,lots of Pics

Air-Intake   : Explanation with Pics how the Snorkel works ,Pics of Modelwork too

Airbox   : Short overwiew about the Airbox ,with Pics

Short overwiew about the Fueltank-dummy ,with Pics of modelwork too

Tailsection  : short comment reg. the first Tailsection which came out of the mould

Radiator  : Explanation with Pics (also of modelwork ),how the side saddled forced-Air Radiator-System works

All mods intended  : the general List of all intended mods which I made Dezember 2003 

Water-duct well, nice Pictures, a full day of work which was for nothing (but would work on OEM 999 )

Custom Titan
my first Idea shown here . I wanted to put the muffler between Oilsump and rearwheel....but too complicated

MOTEC-ECU  : a overwiew about the Motec-ECU ,and the opportunities you have on the Ducati