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December 30/2010:

The 999 web is online again.
As some kinda Inspiration - here's a 1000cc Aircooled Ducati, where the 999Vx Optics are achieved only by my Monocoque and the Fairing.
The only custom modified Item is the OEM999 Fuel Tank.







July 13/2009:

an Idea from today, I think my new Offset-Adjustable Triple clamps should also work for 999/749.





June 27/2009, Test ride/Traction Control.

Tested my Traction-control with lean-angle integration.
My Idea was to Control the Aggressiveness of the TC inside Motec M800 depending on Lean-angle.
Successfully - but of course now the fine-adjustment is the major work.
In the end it has to lead also into a "wheelie height control" , means that TC comes back only (on the straights or slight lean angle) when the front wheel lifts too high of the ground.


May 28 /2009:


April 14/2009:

Close to be done Electronically/Software/Hardware.
Changed the Strategy regarding Warning-/Indication Lights.
Warning-/Indication Lights are now directed into the Windshield, where the Reflection ( due a certain trick ) will indicate me the Status ( Shift up/down, Warning ) without any blinding.


Lean Angle Sensors are fitted.

I've got the Idea of a programmable Wheelie-Height out of the corner, which very probably will work.



March 13/2009: Wire Harness Strategy V2.

I've changed my Strategy how to build a wire harness for my V2.
Intentionally I routed the wires with longer ways than necessary sometimes.
Means i.E. - I've routed the wires around Fueltank or Radiator, or placed Connectors at a Location where they're in easy reach.
No wire now is hidden behind a component which would have to remove, to be able to remove the Wire harness
That Way done I of course have now ~ + 200gr more wire ( 0.45 lbs), but enormous Advantages:

  1. Easy detection of any "wear" or damage of Wire harness

  2. Less chance of malfunction, as moreless the whole wire harness is attached at the Main Frame

  3. I only would have to remove Fairing and Fueltank  Dummy ( approx 60 seconds ) to be able to remove to whole wire harness

  4. Easy Addition of new wires ( in case I add new Sensors ), these Addition can also be done without any disassembly

  5. Just one Connector I've used to be able to remove the whole Airbox including Manifold and Electronics which are stored in the Airbox

I am still not done 100% with the whole work, waiting for a couple of Parts, approx 5 days it takes to complete the wire Harness ( including the Bracketry for the for the Flange-Type Deutsch Connectors).

I estimate this wire harness for the best I've ever build, but of course, this is the latest I've build.
Damn Evolution.


March 09/2009
Due to my lack of Time I will prepare/ equip my V2 with the most urgent Stuff first.

Means new wire Harness first
New 2009 Design PVM Mag Wheels
New light Battery
CMC Brakediscs



September 22/2008

The V2 Rebuild for 2009 started.
I've got new and fresh Ideas due to my 1098 Rebuild.
Will lower the V2 weight ~ 35 lbs.

Maybe I will implant a 1098 Engine.
Maybe a 1098 Frame too ( weight saving 7.7 lbs )

To further lower the weight:

- I will mount CMC Discs which save 3,2 lbs
- I will use the LiFe-Power Cells , they save 3 lbs
- I will go back to Mag Wheels, weight shaving 7 lbs
- I will mount my new Engine Cover with no Alternator ( weight saving 8lbs )
- ........ and some other minor stuff


I love the V2, let's see what the Winter will bring.







Right Techside (without Radiator) :   V2 right techside 1 web.jpg (115521 Byte)


July /19/2007

Put the 1098 rear-end into my 999 V1 :                      Left side :  


1098 waiting for a rebuild  



June /12/2007
The software driven anti-hopping valve , logged results . 





May/31/2007, behind the fairings :
The other side , the Oilcooler now is located "inside" the Fueltank                          


Special Brakediscs I made a draft for - for sensor reading/ traction control :           


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