Software controlled Anti-Hopping (-Valve)



Been on the track for a couple of days , and the Idea I had ( but probably this "Idea" is in use in  a similar way in GP/Superbike too , I cannot say it , as I don't watch races nor I read magazines ) .

However , it worked really well , unobtrusive - I never had too much brakeforce by the back , no hopping .... nothing .
What you can see is also : I did not go for max. rpm all the Time , which is normal for my way of riding .... well , I do not earn money by riding Motorcycles .
But what you can see is - that the System did it's Job , the valve opened at high rpm at downshifting , depending on brakefore .
It needs now kinda calibration and track tests , but it's - the way to go .

So - those are the first results , the opening of the Anti-hopping valve is displayed as AUX 6 Duty , you can see how it works , depending on brakeforce and RPM . Next trackday the choosen gear will be the next parameter to have an Influence on the Anti-hopping valve .






May 2007 :


Well, this may look strange , and maybe it is strange , very probably it can be made smarter , but this here is the first Prototype of a Software controlled Anti-Hopping . This custom made addition to the Injection Manifold took close to 3 days to have it done . But - it works perfect.
It would mean taking a lot of Time to type it here , and to explain , how this whole Assy works , but - as a short note - this is a realization of an Idea ( finally ) , which I have in mind now for a couple of years .

Adjust the brake force of the wheel with a mouse click

I've never been a friend of the mechanical Slipper-Clutches , because :
-they weight too much
-they're adjustable only in a way like carburetors .... you know , take a wrench , remove this , remove that .. then ... and so on .
- they bring wear and heat into the clutch
- they react opposite than what they are intended for , i.E. on wet ground they even brake harder , where the opposite needs to be done
- they cannot react on brakeforce or throttle or rear wheel suspension status

Thats why I created this System .
I'm at the beginning , but will test and Improve it during 2007 .