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 September 2016

RC30 Tailsection Carbon-Kevlar !!

Already 1990 a mould has been made from a OEM RC30 Tailsection, and the mould has been made from Epoxy-resin, so there is no shrink, and no warp.

As the Positiv is also made from Carbon-Kevlar, there is a perfect fit, as good or even better than an older RC30 OEM Tailsection, because this is made from Polyester-Resin, which is "working" during whole Life.

The Price is for the Carbon-Kevlar Racing Version with closed Taillight, but on charge a Roadgoing version can be built:
- including clips to carry the rear wire harness
- including precise mounting Spots to carry the Taillight


 Now available - check the Shop :-)


Hier in Carbon-Kevlar



February 19.2015

E very good Product, which I made 20 years ago a lot of, but somehow became forgotten.....


But now available again :-)
Inside the shop, check the "special Parts" Section




"Hallo Thorsten

Am Montag waren wir nochmal testen , wir fahren nächste Woche zum Bol dor Classic .

Die Mopeds liefen perfekt. Sehr beeindruckt bin ich von den Luftverdrängern für die Gleichdruckvergaser
Bikes running perfekt. I'm very impressed by the Vacuum Chamber Volume Decreaser

Die Vergaseranlage  funktioniert jetzt um Welten besser wie vorher, vielen Dank . J
The Carburetors are wprking much much better. Many Thanks

Mein Freund Dirk [ ] hat auch welche bei dir gekauft er ist auch begeistert"
My Buddy Dirk also bought a set, and he is excited too








December 14.2013

Some nice Pictures from Stephane's RC30 - Uruguay !







The Pictures in XL-Format/2000px






November 22/2012: Road or Race - Catapult your OEM Fork into year 2013 - with a open cartridge-System !!
Check my Shop









November 12/2012: Forged and CNC-machined PVM 6-Spoke wheels now available
Soon inside my Shop, but please be a bit patient, when you order, it can take up to 6 months, as those wheels are made on special demand


Available Sizes 5.5-6.25"
Also max. light AL/MAG race Version available !
Drop me an E-Mail, if you're interested.



February 14/2012 FCR Carbs:


As I received quite a couple of Inquiries past couple of weeks I thought to start an attempt to collect a couple of people who'd like to own a Set of FCR Carbs. The point is - the CNC machined Parts which are required to build this Assy, are not longer on stock, they need to be machined new. But of course it does not make Sense to machine just one Set of Parts, so we need a few people, who DEFINATELY want the FCR39 for their RC30-

Those Carbs give you + 7 HP  ON TOP of already open OEM Carbs.

Please contact me if you're interested, maybe we can run a Production again ?
The Pricing will be (including everything/Waterducts,Cables etc) at 2300-2700€ ex VAT



November 27/2011:

Available on special request  now - Brembo Calipers Brake Adapters for 310 mm discs !





Oktober 28/2011:
Sato Racing Rearsets soon available.

Made in Osaka/Japan, extreme quality, adjustable, but still unobtrusive and elegant Design.





October 8/2011:

Ohlins TTX Shock for the RC30 now available, check the Shop



September 20/2011:

Ohlins TTX Shock for the RC30.

Matching perfectly fits OEM or Race RC30 !
Fits for 17 or 18" wheel, every adjustment ( hydraulic preload, bound/rebound high and low speed with easy access without necessity to remove anything)


Availability in approx 2 Weeks.



September 09/2011

Ohlins TTX Shock for the RC30 will be available soon !

At present we're working on the Internals, Hydraulics, Bump Stop, Length adjustment from 17" to 18", and so on.
But I think this TTX Shock for the RC30 should be available in 4 Weeks !



July 29/2011 FCR39mm Carburetors now available !


July 28/2011

Also available soon for the RC30:
My EVOII Cable Clutch Conversion


July 18/2011


Soon available - brandnew FCR39 Carbs, but they are limited !


Nissin (from Honda RC51/CBR1000..  etc) Caliper-Adapter 310mm for OEM or aftermarket Brakediscs now available again- inside my Shop!



March 7/2011- the Details of Carb to Injector Conversion, 3 Pics.





Jan 1/2011:

VFR/RVF400 Racing Alternator is now available inside the Shop.
Here is the direct Link- RACING ALTERNATOR





Dec 24/2010

First Pic of the VFR/RVF400 Racing Alternator mounted.
This measurement is supposed to give real Gains in accelaration, handling, and even Speed.
As the VFR400 OEM Rotor (same as RC30) has incredible ~ 2,5 kg of rotating Mass .
More details later.

Dec 6/2010

I cleaned my workshop approx 2 Month ago, detected a HRC Clutch-Cover, which is left over.
This Clutch Cover has probably seen most of the WSBK Circuits in the world and definitely a lot of crashes.
A History from Dholda to Rumi.. to Thiede, to me.



Dec 6/2010.

The final Drawings for the VFR racing Alternator are done.
I expect the assembly and testing of the first racing Alternator in 2 Weeks





Dec 26/2009:

Also in the makes - a real lighweight Generator for Road and Track
As the OEM Generator is dam heavy.


Dec 22/2009:
RVF 400 Carburetor to Injection
The Basic Situation, a long way from now on.



Dec 21/2009:
A RVF400 Carburetor to Injection conversion with Motec M400.
Stay tuned



Nov 22/2009:
While cleaning my stock I found a RC30 Factory Werx-Converter, which was only made for the WSBK teams.
Reminded me on the parts which I still have got here for sale.

Move to the used Parts Section and get my RC30 Parts list Inventory.


February 17/2009:

Rebuilding the RC30 Fueltank for better Ergonomics



January 30/2009:

January 4/2009, RC30 , Injection w/Motec M800:

The whole RC30-Injection Story was 6 years all in all.
First thoughts to convert the Bike I already had 2000, but it took a while to realize everything.
As I did not want to go for a an already existing V4 Injection Manifold ( maybe RC45 or VFR800 ), because they're mostly too heavy - I decided to use GSXR750 99 Throttle Bodies, which needed to be dis- and reassembled .

A review :
I've expected way more Problems for the initial starting Procedure.
In the end it was kinda boring, a last a last check of all M800 Tables - and then I pressed the Starter Button first Time.
It was only ~ 15 Minutes of raw overall-Adjustment of Fuel table, then the Bike ran properly, good Throttle response.
Somehow too easy, not enough Problems appeared to enjoy it that the Bike finally is running.
Of course I'm happy.

But already think about the next Steps for 2010:

At present, Features/Sensors of this injected RC30 :

- Traction Control
- Lambda Control
- Datalogging TC/LAMBDA ,Suspension , Tyre Temps, Wheelslip... etc
- Ground Distance L/R indicating lean Angle
- Airbox Pressure
- Airbox Intake Air Temp
- Water Temp
- Throttle Position
- Throttle Acceleration (Math Function)
- Quickshift
- Tire Temp Rear Middle
- Tire Temp Rear Left
- Tire Temp Rear Right
- Tire Temp Front Center
- Suspension front
- Suspension rear
- Lambda front Cyl
- Lambda rear Cyl
- Wheelspeed Front Res:40U/T
- Wheelspeed Rear Res:40U/T

Communications :



December/2008, RC30 on Injection

Finn from Denmark is here since 10 Days, his RC30 is very close to run on Injection.




Everything has changed since I realized the perfect Motorcycle for myself.
From now on I will no longer only focus on my own will, so I will take into consideration the customer and his will too.
I consider to fab a perfect mold for RC30 fairings, to get out even better than RC30 OEM Plastics.
But - I will not proceed to build a mold until 15 pre-orders of Positives for each mold ( Upper/Lower/Tail ) at least are in.
The Price of  the Parts , all build with Epoxy Resin:

- Upper 800 Euros
- Lower 500 Euros
- Tail 900 Euros
- Tail build as Monocoque 1400 Euros

All Pricings including 19% VAT, for non-EU Country's you can deduct 19%
If you are interested, please drop me an E-Mail.
Once 15 pre-orders are in ( for each mold ) - I will start
Deposit is 20% of the net-Price, Time to deliver : ~ 6 months.

I will start to bring the Stuff to the Painter ( to create a perfect mold) once the 15 pre-orders are un.


October 26/2008:
This is the Loom of  the Motec M800 only, not included the ADL Loom.

But it's a good Strategy to distinguish wires As we're talking about ~ 110 different colors:
All "cross Coded" Wires COME from M800 , and all "linear Coded" wires are from ADL.
Of course you need kinda overview for such a work.'

This morning:






October 25/2008:
We began.

All the M800 wires pre-routed:
From Lean angle Sensors to Tyre Temps to Wheel-Speed Sensors for Traction Control.

More later.




October 24/2008:

RC30 on Injection ?
RC30 on Motec ? ( )
The Conversion has begun today.


More Inf's next couple of Day's




August 2/2008
The CNC Linkage is done.
High Stroke for max. Traction and Feedback
Tests are running at present with a " special" Shock.

July 20/2008

HRC Copy CNC machined Linkage soon available



March 22/2008

RC 30 OEM Fairing Lower, we are proceeding - slowly but surely.
End of 2008 all Fairing Parts will be available, better than Honda has ever made them .


December 28/2007 :

 The new RC30 Monocoque- Tailsection plastic-coated



December 25/2007 :

BTW - Finn from Denmark started . He took a close to new OEM RC30 fairing and began to treat it with sandpaper :

So we're able soon ( May 2008 ) to offer a better fairing than Honda ever has produced.


Status Quo of the raw layout of the RC30 Monocoque-Tailsection right Side today .
Decision was- the OEM mounting Spots of the RC30 Frame can carry every Riders load  so we developed this Monocoque to match that mounting Spots.




December 24/2007 :
Based upon one of my own Tails end + a different Tails front Section we started with the Puzzle.
Swingarm angle determined , Ride height determined .

Ducati 1098 Wheels installed just to check the whole thing with a 17" Wheel .

Status Quo December 24/2007 , 22.00 CET :



December 23/2007 :
Today we started with the development of a Tailsection .
This Tailsection will NOT MATCH  the RC30 std. Fueltank , it will only work in conjunction with the other Bits mentioned below .
Today's 24th , and we will decide the Swingarm-angle first w/17" wheel , to be able to determine the ride height then .
I will try to reach a basic ride height without seatpad of ~ 81 cm .
So with different Seatpads you're able to choose 82-84 cm , the whole range of ride height including slight Swingarm angle changes might be 79-85 cm in the End .

Still no decision which Fueltank-Cover Design to use .

But I'll provide you with Pics soon , probably first Pics tonight CET .


December 16/2007:

Finn Sander from Denmark and me  - we want to create a new 3-4 pcs. Setup for the RC30 :

- Monocoque Tailsection

to reach a better Positioning of the Rider , and a better overall center of Gravity. It's not clear , if we're able to finish this work until May , at least we will start 23 December .

November 20//2007 :

Another set of OEM Fairings I got from a friend , also not worth to copy ....


November 16//2007 :

I have checked now the painted RC30 OEM fairing closer .
Definitely it look like all the 20 year old Plastics do have lot of " Waves "  , even they are totally stock and not damaged.
That Waves  come from the Polyester Resin which Honda used.
I do not accept this , I do not fab a mould , which takes a lot of Time , just to copy wavy Bits in the End .

So here's delay now with the OEM Fairings copy .
I have to have them Perfect , better as Honda OEM , otherwise I won't build a mold.

Dunno when the fairings /Tail will be done .
Mentally now I'm at 2009 at least to have this stuff done.





November 5//2007 :

Received the painted OEM Fairing Parts .
My Painter has made up to 8 layers of clear coat , and sand-papered everything after each layer ..... just to make the Parts real smooth .You cannot even feel a height-difference where the gold Lining is.
I thought my painter would paint it all in a "somewhat" color , but he restored the Tail to 100% , fairing lower just needs the Honda logo to be completely , and fairing upper would just need the top painted white to be back in OEM Design . It's a shame , because after the molding-Procedure the Bits will some fine scratches again......

 So I will make a mold from those OEM Parts now :




October 9/2007 :

The RC30 Headcover-Story        

moreless finished . The painted Cover does not look so bad . The Breather is angled to create space for the front mount Rad - because I will place the opening at the front cylinder to receive more space at the rear cylinder for a special Fueltank


The Nissin Brake-Adaptors :  

For a better imagination how everything looks with installed front wheel I made kinda "entire" Picture . This Adaptor does not really look like an Adaptor ,looks more integrated , as something , which could have been mounted on the RC30 from the first day .




October 9/2007 :

Moved with my home and found all the old Pictures .
Some really worth to scan  and to drop them here .
I will try to build a Gallery of the Stages of rebuilds from 1992 to 2008 next couple of month - may take a while , but expect a bunch of newold Pics coming weekly !

Durbahn RC30 2002            Durbahn RC30 1996 RC45 Fairing (modified ), Ducati 888 Tailsection  : 


October 3/2007 :

New Caliper-Adaptor !

Ever ridden a stock RC51 ? No?
However , the Brakes of a RC51 are really good , so I developed a Adaptor for the Nissin-Calipers of a RC51 ( also mounted at SC 44 , SC 50 ) for the RC30 Fork and OEM 310 mm RC30 (-and similar aftermarket ) Brakediscs     




October 2/2007 : RC30 Headcover is prepared  for  Injection , with breather outlet :



September 29/2007 :

Because the Camshaft -sensor used a bit more space than the Headcover had available I needed to solve that  prob :

............more here : Injection/Sensors


And .. Motec M800's arrival today , for my Projects 


September 28/2007

Check for Location of Camshaft-(Sync) Index for Sensor      more here : Injection/Sensors



September 26/2007

RC30 Assembly - as a model for the RC30  Injection-Project next year



..........Motor-Dummy , to check , where and how a Camshaft /Position Sensor can be mounted



September 19/2007 :

1: I will rebuild this Web slightly day by day , but will keep the "old content"
2 : 2008 there WILL exist at least one high-sophisticated RC30 with Injection and Traction-Control ,with M800 ECU (  )
3 : End of 2007 I will be able to offer  high-end OEM RC30 fairing + Tailsection , made with Epoxy Resin - a 100% exact Copy !
     So ... just to show that it's m ant serious , the fairing /Tailsection is on the way to the painter