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NEW Product:

Nissin ( RC51 , SC44, SC50 ) Caliper Adaptor for OEM and Aftermarket RC30 310 mm Discs !
The OEM RC30 Calipers are rubbish- improve your Brakes drastically with these Adaptors.
Track down some good used Calipers on E-Bay , or buy some new , really worth the bucks to spend .

Bolt on , easy mounted in a few Minutes , you even can keep your Brake lines

Pictures :

The bare Adaptors  : .    Mounted on the OEM RC30 Fork  


The Content at present :









17"_PVM_forged Wheels

17" PVM forged Wheels superlight






HRC-Style deep Sumps .

I've realized a special feature at this sumps :
the Oil-redirection - which normally goes into rear cylinder and has no real efficiency , because there's a lot of backpressure - is solved same way as factory RC30's ! Because my sump has the Option to mount the OEM Honda rear cylinder steel tube fitting directly at the deep sump , where is close to zero backpressure. Therefore ALL Sumps will be delivered including a closing Plug with O-Ring , which you either can use to close the deep sump or the rear cylinder Breather-redirection opening .

And of course : delivery including the long Snorkel !


Pictures :                                       

 HRC style Clutch cover   

Pictures : The DRH-Cover mounted on the Engine .     


- Fits every RC30
- the main advantage is the Oil-Glass , which allows you to check the Oil-Level with one view
- the enerving procedure ( to check the Oil-Level with a Stick ) found it's end .
- 5 mm height protection Ribs at the crash-area protect the clutch , and prevent the cover is leaking at a slight " touch down "
- the CNC machined and anodized Filler Cap has even a inside machined Hex (12 mm ) , so in case you're not able to open it with your fingers you can use a 12 mm hex-key , and don't need to scratch it by using a caliper.
- a limited Time you're able to choose the color you'd like to have
- last , it's special : the HRC Cover is rare , made only a couple of 100 Times , this one here will be even more rare , as I do not have the capacities to fab such large Numbers .


Road and track Alternator , superlight , 180 W
Compared to the OEM Alternator the rotating Inertia will be reduced ~90%  .
This Rotor weight is: 0,33 kg  , Stock  is 1,75 kg !!  

That means:
- the Engine spins up way quicker , better acceleration , it's a huge difference
- the cornering is way easier , handling drastically improved
- noticeable decreased Engine Braking at downshifting
- some say , there's even a bit more horsepower on thy Dyno
- weight savings total : ~ 2,5 kg  ( or 5.5 lbs )

I have got this Alternator System on my RC30 since 1995 , it's suitable for Road and track , easy to install .
Designed  to fit exactly the OEM Alternator Cover

The delivery content :
- prewired Rectifier
- CNC machined Carrier for Stator
- Sealing
- the Alternator (Rotor/Stator)
- Installation Manual

Durbahn HRC - Copy Airduct
Very flexible , build with high-Temp resistant Epoxy-resin .

This Airduct  has 2 Functions :
1-  It's routing fresh Air from the Area in front of the upper Radiator to the Carbs .
2 -  It's insulating the Carburetors from the Heat of the Engine ( especially in heavy traffic ,at traffic lights or similar Situations )

The Advantages :
due to No1 - colder Air has higher density , so the Air which is reaching the Carbs will set free more horsepower
due to No 2 -  no boiling of the fuel inside the fuel-chambers ( from the heat of the Engine ) . You may know that popping sound coming from the Carbs , and then your Engine sometimes stalls suddenly - that comes mostly from boiling Fuel inside the Fuel chamber .

If you still ride your RC30 on road - this Airduct is something like a " at least " requirement .
It is mounted between the Carburetors and the Engine .


Durbahn RAM-AIR Airbox for OEM RC30  
Fits OEM Carbs or FCR39         

The OEM RC30 Airfilter Box  :
- has way too little Volume
- sucks the Air at a bad ( no Air-exchange) and hot Area .
- has very restrictive Inlet-funnels
- is really heavy

So then 1992 when I was young I found a provisional Solution , that has been to mount some Kind of  Plate-Filter from Mazda on top of the Carbs , which was held by a frame . This Solution was not so bad , and a couple of months later copied by the Honda dealers here and some tuners worldwide.

But what you had to accept then was :
- a terrible noise coming from the Carbs
- pollution of the bike from kinda Oil/Fuel-Dust
- still no access to fresh Air

Might have been 1996 when I have seen my first Ram-Air Driven Kawasaki , I thought : " yes , that's the way to go , that'll solve all the Probs in one ".
So I developed a Airbox . A unit , where the whole Carbs are integrated , which is sealing directly against the Fueltank - and gets the fresh Air from an Area between upper Rad and the Frame ( same way as CBR1000RR today ) .

So - this Airbox is the best available Solution for for your RC30 , considered you still, ride it , and considered you want to set free the Horsepower's of the RC30 Engine , which are sleeping in there . You get :
- way better throttle response
- pressurized Air due to the speed you have ( normally there's under-pressure in a OEM RC30 Airbox )
- noticeable more horsepower/ better Acceleration , even at hot Temps outside
- culture of sound
- drastically weight savings
- easy access to the Carbs ( just lift the Fueltank )

This Airbox is of course not so easy to install as a HRC (Copy-) Airduct .
But it is the same as with most of other things you have to do , only the first Time might be really complicated .
Once removed and build-in , maybe for re-jetting it's just a quarter of Time you need , compared to first Time .


And it is by far not so Inexpensive as a Airduct , because 2 CNC Machined fittings ( Waterducs) , a custom made 2 in 1 Waterduct are also Part of delivery-content . So the whole delivery-contend here :
- Airbox ( Carbon or Glassfiber )
- Snorkel / Intake with build-in Airfilter Element
-  2 CNC Machined fittings ( Waterducs)
- 2-1 Waterduct , which is replacing the OEM Thermostat


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Keihin FCR39 Carburetors
one of the best tuning Options for a RC30 - with no necessity to open the Engine !

Here a Picture from my RC30 -FCR's

This very special Carburetors set free a lot of  Horsepower accompanied by a very direct throttle response !

They will be build on special request .

Delivery Content :

FCR Carbs
Throttle Cables
Special rubbers (gaskets)


Attention , other necessary Hardware , if not already existing:
- 2 CNC Machined fittings ( Waterducs)
- 2-1 Waterduct , which is replacing the OEM Thermostat




Durbahn rear Hugger Carbon for 17" Wheels

Stops the pollution of the RC30 by dirt and Water -  fits toOEM mounting Spots ! 



17" PVM Wheels , forged and CNC machined  Aluminum

Pictures :

Development of  Techniques never stops .
Meanwhile PVM Aluminum rear Wheels are as light ( 3.4 kg ) or even at less weight than former Magnesium-Wheels !
Unbeaten in Design , powder coated - and because being made from Aluminum they last a Lifetime.
They're bolt on - you can use OEM RC30 Brakediscs or aftermarket ones .

Available Dimensions :
- 5.5" + 6.0"  rear / 3.5" front  (strong recommendation : 5.5" rear )

Available Colors :
Every RAL-Color you want without charge !




PVM Wheel-Set superlight-RACING
The maximum lightweight Combo from PVM for your RC30 !                                                   
Front 3.5" Magnesium 10 Spoke , Rear 5,5" or 6" Aluminum 5 Spoke .
Weight :
Rear : 3.4 kg  ( 7.7 lbs )
Front 2.5 kg  ( 5.5 lbs )
Forged and CNC-Machined !

Those wheels are easy to install ,have got a unique design ,
Even the spacers at the front wheel are built in and cannot fall out at Installation !!