Durbahn RC30 , Project " Injection " - Sensors/Loom


October 2/2007 :

The redesigned  Head-Cover for the Injection-RC30 .

Let me sum up the Information I have , and ability to reproduce everything :

- I have the measurement where and how to machine the Cam-carrier
- I have the measurement of the Cam-Position Sensor Bracket
- I know exactly the Position where to locate the " Nub" on the front Inlet Camshaft
- I have the mold to reproduce this head-Cover rebuild as often as I want , with or without Breather .



September 29/2007

A huge hole inside my headcover needed to be closed , so I filled it with kinda dough and made a mold .

Pic 2 :                Pic 3 , with wax :      Pic 4 , a small mold : 


September 28/2007

Sync-Sensor for one Camshaft of the  RC30 .

Started to find the correct spot for the Cam-Index , relatively to the Crank-Pickups :

First was to remove the HRC Cam out of my Engine      

Then I had to calculate the intended Spot for the Camshaft-Sensor ( relatively to the crank )  

At this spot I welded a 6mm Screw onto the Crank  


Had to shortened of course , clearance to the Sensor now ~ 0.9mm  :



September 22/2007

A Carburetor equipped Motorcycle does not need to know , when it has to inject ........... of course not.
Well - but I do have to care now to create an Index (Sensor) , which gives the necessary Information about the TDC's .

So , for now , a long Story told short , the first Steps of necessary Hardware for Injection


Pic 1 : The Camshaft-Carrier needs a straight machined surface for the Sensor-Bracket   

Pic 2 : mounted on the Head          

Pic 3 : start of machining of Sensor-Bracket  

Pic 4 : the Final result 
Pic 5 : everything mounted on the Head  ............. (  to be continued )