Durbahn 1098
Rebuild 2007

December 26/2007 : 

The Carbon Ceramic Matrix Brakedisc mounted




December 25/2007 :            

Got a couple of the Ceramic Metal Matrix Starblade /Braketech Brakediscs for the Ducati 848 / 1098 - very light ( each 700gr , close to half of one OEM 1098 Disc ), very Impressive .2 Sets I need for my own Bikes , 2 Sets are for Sale




December 15/2007 1098 Monocoque , one of the first " painted Pics " from Customers , which I received.
Here Lolek's 1098 - rebuild at Ducati-Borken . 



December 11/2007   999 DSSW /1098 SSSW Weight Calculation        

Well , have been too excited to prepare my Mettwurst ban - wanted to compare the weights of a Ducati 999 DSSW vs. a Ducati 1098 SSSW .
The raw calculation as shown in the Picture below gives a approximate Number of lbs saved , if you exchange a 1098 S Swingarm + Wheels by a 999 Swingarm with some light wheels and brake and Axle .

This raw Calculation has shown a difference of 10,1 lbs , which a light 999 DSSW Setup can save vs a 1098S OEM SSSW Setup  .
Unsprung mass !

Way more than I expected .

Okay , you may say its not fair to compare OEM with non OEM Parts .
You're right , so we start to lighten the whole 1098 SSSW Setup now :

A Magnesium Wheel saves 300 gr   ( 0.66 lbs )
A light rear brake Setup  including light Disc may save ~ 800 gr ( 1.76 lbs )
A light rear sprocket will save 500 gr ( 1.1 lbs )
The 2 big Nuts ( each is 117 gr ) in Titanium will save 80 gr. ( 0.17 lbs )

Thats a total of weight saving of 3.7 lbs , so then the DSSW Setup is still 6.4 lbs less ( or 2.9 kg )

And maybe you can add a light Excenter from Magnesium to the 1098 Swingarm
A Titanium Axle too

Then you could get close to DSSW weight .
 I'll try to calculate the money you've to spend therefore later





December 9/2007               

The Crankcase Cover is back at the Specialists again , for some " minor Mods " . The Intention was so shave another couple of mm's of extension of the Waterpump to the outside. So therefore Sinks for the Hoses have been designed into the Model .
The Extension to the outside now has been decreased again ~ 13 mm  vs. the former Version.





December 4/2007 - my Fueltank Hardware                

As my Fueltank will be totally different from whatever you might think it may look... it needs of course special hardware

Yesterday I received this Hardware .




December 1/2007 - 1098 Full Titanium Exhaust /Idea   

When I mounted this full Acra Ti-System today I had an Idea.
It's : all 1098 Exhaust Systems have to match the OEM Subframe , that's why the headers are routed very close to the wheel .
Reverse , if my Monocoque is mounted , you can reweld the headers for better Optics , and the cans you can locate probably 4" front wards , which means the End caps of the mufflers would not stick out of the Tail , more reverse , they would end below the Tail .

Just an idea.

Maybe just for Joke I will rework an OEM Header System just to show you , what's possible .





November 16/2007 - 1098 Wet Clutch    


As I think I do not have put the whole Story into a exposed Position in my 999 Web , just to explain it here :

 I am riding a self constructed Wet clutch now for 3 years on my 999 V2 , without a Prob.
Very light and durable .

......Today I have received one of the first Bits for the 1098 Wet clutch .

Right side - the 3 year old Hub of my 999 V2
Left side...... the same story again.

Yes , I know , the Ducati 848 finally has a wet Clutch .
But the Extension to the outside is only reduced 5 mm.
My Clutch has a " less Extension"  of ~ 28 mm


What you see there as clutch hub , reworked - GSXR 1000 .
A proven Unit.






November 11/2007 - Waterpump Carbon           


278 gr. ( 0.61 lbs ) total .
Time to build it , incl. Modelwork : ~ 50 hrs



November 6/2007

The first Part of Carbon-Waterpump Housing is done .
Had it on the Scale , without Rotor , but including bearings : 92 gr. ( 0.2 lbs)                          The rear view  :

This lightweight Carbon Waterpump in the end will/can work as a "stand alone Unit " , which works for every Motorcycle or other small watercooled Race Engines .
 It can be driven from Camshafts directly , or Belt or whatever .




.......of course , I'm still not done with it .
Here Part 2 of  3 , Modelwork :            




November 5/2007

The Carbon-Waterpump Housing is proceeding .

Pic 1 : Looks like Low-Tech . And it is : low Tech

But high usage of Brain cells.           

 Pic 2  : Looks like it's meaning nothing , and indeed it's meaning nothing . The second Part of the Carbon Waterpump-Mold :


Pic 3 , btw : Comparo of  Extension of 916-889 Alternator Cover to 1098 .
Estimated 8mm yesterday , measured 8mm today :

November 4/2007

Bunch of News .... new Pics for today :

I : The Monocoque pictured at daylight

II : received the first new designed Ducati-Race Engine Cover Model : 

which is way less crash-sensitive than the OEM Engine Cover .
Of course , radically designed , and needs the Carbon-Waterpump , which is in the makes too ( will be done end of November )

         here's the direct Comparison , mounted on a 1098  

November 3/2007
The maximum weight saving 1098 Monocoque Tailsection painted . More Pics will follow next couple of days .



November 2/2007
Carbon-Water pump (Housing )

Got the Idea how to fab that damn thing . I won't show all the steps of the mold/manufacturing-procedure , but at least what's necessary for to get an Idea how it looks in the end .
I've chosen a wall thickness of 1.5mm Carbon mainly , and at the sealing-surface 2.5 mm , which means approx 16 Layers of Carbon there.


November 1/2007

I : Crankcase -Cover 
The first Ducati-Crankcase Cover came out of the mold .
I think it will fit close to all Ducati , because I kept all Options for Sensors + even created a new Option for a sideward mounted Sensor , which is necessary , if you want to go for a ref + sync Sensor Setup


II: Carbon-Waterpump (Housing )
Got the inside contour of the Waterpump Housing , reworked one Waterduct for better flow.
I'm still not sure how to fab the damn thing , or how it has to look in the end .
However , today's a new day , with new Inspirations       .





October 31/2007

Carbon-Water pump (Housing )

Well, my Idea of the new designed Crankcase-Cover of course needs a some kinda Waterpump , either external (electrical ) , or still driven moreless the original Style , which I prefer at present , because then the electrical Power consumption will be a bit less .
But it has to be as light as possible , so I decided to attempt to develop a Carbon Waterpump .
Because I think the design of the OEM Ducati " Propeller " inside has a good efficiency , I will keep the layout of the internal shape , but will add some improvements regarding the Water flow ( the inside shape has some Restrictions , due to the Alternator-Extensions, which I will remove ) .

At present I don't have the whole concept in mind to 100% , but what I know- I need the inside Contour to proceed .
So that's where I started , trying to copy the Inside of the Waterpump-housing . 



October 21/2007

1: Modelwork Fairing  

As the OEM 1098 Fairing front Section does not really look as sharp and aggressive - you know how it looks , looks like the Nose of a Boxer.... after many fights  - I thought I redesign it slightly to give the whole thing a more aggressive look ( like my own 999V2 , or  MV Augusta )  , while I still keep the main 1098 features of Design . I will also design some very light matching high Airflow Air runners for this Fairing .

Well, the changes are not obviously at present , it's always hard to picture a black fairing , but be prepared , a couple of days , and then you will be able to re-enact, what I mean .


Fueltank !
the model of the Fueltank is done , and probably tomorrow ( Okt 22/2007 ) I start with the Mold .
The Reason why you do not see any Pictures of the Fueltank , not even Stages of Modelwork ( which had cost me 4 weeks ) , is - that I do not want to post the Idea too early .
The Mold for the Fueltank will take 2 weeks , because it is really complicated .

It'll be a Kevlar-Fueltank , approx 1200 gr ( 2.64 lbs ) , with a capacity of 12 Liter, located in a crash-protected Area. At a low center of Gravity .




October 16/2007 -Waterduct : 

Well , my welding skills are terrible mostly , especially when I'm not in the mood for welding .
But tracked down the necessary Material  - ALTubes - today , and began.
However , this Waterduct is Part of my Fueltank/Airbox Idea , so at least I have created a sample which some better welding skilled guys can copy .
In the end its not bad - only at this 2in1 Section I've saved 200gr ( 0.44 lbs ), and the Waterduct is including a nozzle for the small " Air bleeding " opening at the front cylinder :



And - the 2nd Injector Bracket is done .
All in all both may weight 45 gr. ( 0.1 lbs ) , pressed from 12 ply's Carbon


October 15/2007 - Injector-Brackets/Carbon : 

The first one for the rear cylinder is done , the front one will be slightly different . designed to fit my Fueltank/Airbox Idea.

Pictured including all the Interim Stages , which have been necessary to create it , lot of work for a small bracket



October 9-12/2007 in the Makes - Magnesium Crankcase 1098 Cover superlight .

The Steps before :            



October 5/2007/DONE : Durbahn 1098 Monocoque , the #1 weight-saving .

 What you shave : 13 lbs or more than 6 kg with just one piece   !            




October 4/2007 :                                 

My new designed Crankcase-Cover at my buddies Company to be measured out .
A long way of course from a fresh Idea to a working concept , but I will realize it - I will have to realize it , because I definitely will not use the heavy OEM Alternator-Cover again .


October 1/2007 .
Not a really sharp Pic , but the only one I have .
The mold of the 1098 Monocoque Tailsection is done , my Buddy is doing a favor to me and will prepare the mold tonight for the first Prototype to be build on Thursday 3rd.Okt.


September 20/2007
Final plastic coating of the 1098 Monocoque before modelwork is starting


I've build Monocoques for CBR1000RR for International Championships ( one of those Teams won IDM , check www.cbr1000rr.org  ) , which even resisted a lot of crashes - and is as light as the Pendant which Toseland is using , but smarter made , because it has a Battery Pan integrated below the Seat-Pad , and some other features.

Here's the Link and Comparision :http://www.cbr1000rr.org/Monocoque%20Inf-de.htm

Let me see , I've build now Monocoques for :
CBR 1000 RR
CBR 600 RR
CBR 600 F2
Honda Hawk
GSXR 750
Ducati 999
Honda RC 51

and soon for the 1098 .!

Expect HUGE weight savings !





September 16/2007 : Modelwork of 1098 Monocoque proceeding .


September 3/2007 : the 1098 rebuilt has started

Today I received my 2nd 1098.
One I use to rebuild it from the Inside ( Engine /techniques generally )
One to rebuilt it from outside ( fairings and stuff like that )
The whole concept is done in mind - I'll show up with THE track-weapon at all in April 2008.
You want to participate , want to have the Bits which are converting the 1098 into a rocket ?
Drop me an E-Mail , eventually  I'm able to fab a few Sets for 2008 ( Fueltank/Seat ... etc. cannot explain more at present )  for your 1098 - Parts to make the 1098 REAL light .


Modelwork Airbox started 

Modelwork Monocoque-Tailsection started  
As it is Tailsection and Subframe in one the weight-savings will be huge !


Modelwork Fueltank-Cover started 


New Idea for a Engine-Cover , to be build preferably in Magnesium or Carbon :

Where I began Intermediate      One of the last Steps  

September 10/2007 :

Demolding the OEM Fueltank , first half           + the other half       


September 14/2007 :

Moreless back there where I've been before , similar to upper Pics I now have got a model to start with .

Demolding my Fueltank-Dummy Model 


Then the first rough Part of the Tail came out of the mold 

First test of the 1098 Monocoque-Tail on the Bike , regarding Fitment , a good start I think , very good fit :


Removed the Engine


Started to disassemble it to copy all the Internal screws and stuff to be copied by Titanium 


Then I decided to do rework the Engine slightly , here a Detail-Pic of the Piston  


Detail Pic of Cylinder-Head/valves   


Detail-Pic of piston-cooling measurement  


The Shiftdrum , already prepared with some holes , but still enough Potential to shave weight .
I do not go for Ergal-Shiftdrums , the don't seem reliable enough for me.