Desmorebuild 2009
starting June 2008

October 24/2009.

Fairing Panels done in Carbon, soon inside my Shop.


Also done Termignoni Exhaust Tailsection, build with highest Quality Epoxy Resin ( as always) - so no cheap Polyester.  




October 7/2009.

Fairing Upper done in Carbon.



The brand-new CTS 7Plus - the full Desmo specific Quickshift/Shiftlight Kit.
Including Software, programming Interfaces, wire-Harness Kit.
With online programming support!


Available from 27 of September



Quickshifter CTS 7 Plus soon available !
The Max Quickshifter you can imagine.
More Details soon



September 3/2009.

Can't we change the Situation ?




September 2/2009.CCC for D16.

....soon inside my Shop



August 18/2009.Traction Control for D16.

At present I've got 2 Solutions:

- Motec M800 ( new wire harness required )
- Motec EDL  or ADL ( just needs an Adaptor loom ) means TC, Logging ,Quickshift, Bike Control, GPS, Lap timing, Lap reports, Section reports, and so on
 ( check Motorcycle Electronics )

..then in max 4 weeks I know more about another 2 Options... maybe:

- Motec SDL TC + of course too Logging , Bike Control, GPS, Lap timing, Lap reports, Section reports, and so on
- The Grip-one Module finally works


August 3/2009: OnTrack

The Desmo runs flawless.
The AFR Tuner is doing a great Job, also the CTS7 Quickshifter .
The Motec SDL is programmed well, and the Logging-Setup works, also the Motec SLM
Still some trouble with the Grip-One sensors, as they are very fragile, and tend to break on tightening.

I hope to solve that last Prob next week


July 5/2009:Summary

Only a couple of days left to have it all finished.
Short overview:


There would be much more to explain/display at present, but I can only focus a few things at present:

-the SDL is doing the whole logging.
-the SDL is supervising the Grip-one module, and has an x-tra stage for heavy slip.
- also alll Information's which are running into/out the Grip-one module are logged by the SDL



June 11/2009: Right wire Harness ?
This is Terror, working with Tons of different colors of Wires for each new Device.
Wiring the SDL at present, but I think I'll keep the overview.


June 11/2009: Right Quickshifter.


Best worldwide available Quickshifter as Plug´n Play Kit for the Desmo available soon.

June 03/2009: Right Tools.

Detected one of the Mega-Tools for the Desmosedici ( where everything hidden is hard to detect ) a couple of Days ago.
I think it'll guide me to build a new Section inside my Shop for all that tools which are sometimes hard to find, hard to track down, and hard to know that they're existing with that special Features.



May 27/2009:

After close to one year of Fight for this it finally happened, the Ducati CMC Gunmetal Edition.


And got the first "Plug'n Play" CTS Quickshifter Wire harness done.


May 26/2009:
Triple Clamps done.
Available for Desmosedici OEM and FG 800 Forks.
...back from the Anodizer, earlier than expected.

In the Shop soon.


May 13/2009 : Offset Adjustable Desmo Triple Clamps.
Got the first one mounted today here on the Desmo, for FG 800 Forks, everything fits well
Also available for OEM Fork, Pics available ~ Thursday.




May 19/2009 Evening : The missing 240mm Brakedisc for OEM Caliper 

All kinda Brakediscs soon inside the Shop



BTW. Screenshot of firsts operation of AFR Tuner with Termi ECU.
You may detect, all cylinders ( Picture here while Engine a Idle ) are way too rich, check the Screen close 



May 19/2009 : Some Desmo Brakediscs rear

All inclusive Readerslots for Traction Control.

Here's the PVM-Type for my rearbrake 220/27 :

Then I already have got the same Type as shown below, but as 240/35 Version, which is for OEM Desmo rear Caliper.
Both allow OEM Speed reading.


May 18/2009 : Correct Mapping

Maddie popped over from Switzerland today to implant the self learning AFR Tuner Solution to the Desmo.
Works perfect.
For those may be not able to afford a full Motec System, or do have the sources around with Specialist who are able to Set up a Bike with Motec, the AFR Tuner will be the right Solution regarding Mapping.


More later, at present the roadwork looks....



May 15/2009 - Summary of past and next future developments.


May 14/2009 : Half and Half.

From the Pictures you'll be able to judge weight and Space saving.
A full rebuild Concept, and a half.

Moreless at present it's all about Space.
But when I put the full concept Desmo on the Lifter it felt really light.

In the End it's the way to go.
One of the major Desmo Problems is the Water-circuit routing.




May 12/2009 : Quickshifter CTS.
Probably the best stand alone Quickshifter on Market.
Received the matching Desmo-OEM Connectors yesterday, so I can offer a plug and play Quickshift Set with special wire harness in about 8 days.
No wire-harness tinkering needed, no cut of wires..... just disconnect and connect.



May 11/2009... good or bad News ?
I've got 2 so the speak "pre-Production" Fairing Stay/Intake Snorkel Assys here covered in a bag.... for worst Case.

I do not want to sell those, as they're kinda run in Product, they fit, and they work.... just do not look so good.
But I store them here for worst case, means if someone is maybe in desperate Need of such a Stay for a Race or whatever for shipping overnight.



May 10/2009 - 4 Cylinder individual Lambda Control/Logging.

Started today to find out the Secrets of the different ECU's.
All Cylinders individual Mapped, all monitored/logged individually.






May 9/2009 - Crazy.
To adjust  the Quickshifter you move the Shift lever... strange Things for me happened then, even at the first slight preload of the Lever the whole rearsets began to move. Never none on no Motorcycle I had ever noticed such a "play" in a rear set by just moving the shift lever.


May 7/2009.

Desmosedici Quickshift-System.
Mounted one of the most sophisticated "stand alone" ( means without Motec ) Quickshift Systems at the D16.
Took quiet a couple of hrs, and I'm still not done 100%.But once done I will offer this Kit as "Plug and ply Solution, with a special wire harness, pushrod for normal/GP Shift.. and so on.
In about 3 Weeks, available then for for OEM/RACE/TERMI ECU and OEM Wire Harness.


May 6/2009.

The Decision has fallen today - I will produce my own Rearsets for the D16.
Non flexing and height-Adjustable.

Next: got the Connectors  which I will use for a plug and play Version of 4 Cylinder individually controlled Air Fuel Ratio Tuner, and plug ad play
Traction Control Box.



May 2/2009 .

Mounted the Lifepower Battery.
Enormous Weight saving
I can deliver it including Damping Material.
Fits into the OEM Battery-Housing



May 1/2009 .

The Carbon Kevlar Fairing Stay mounted .
Road and/or track.


Or a more integral view with the Bike: 




April 30/2009 .
Kinda "rush rebuild".
No Time for me to build a whole Harness for Motec, no "Extravagance"  in Solutions, because this Bike of a Buddy of mine has to be on track again in 4 Weeks.
So we're talking about a "small rebuild", even if what'll happen next 4 weeks probably won't appear as small rebuild for the most who will follow it.

One Desmo will have the huge, one the minor rebuild:

However, I've tracked down a Traction Control System which is working with front and rear wheel Speed:

Then for today everything unnecessary has been removed


Then I will try to implant a self learning Mapping Module.

Just the results from today, more will follow.

Ho, and what I really like - this tiny rear connector 


April 23/2009 - Fairing-Stay and Snorkel.
Now available inside my Shop.



April 20/2009.

Fairing-Stay and Snorkel done.
Less weight than OEM
Soon now inside my Shop.




April 18/2009.
Couple of Fairing uppers and Snorkel done .



The Sketch of my Desmo Rearsets, which I gave to my Buddy to machine them...



April 17/2009.
I received the first solid rearsets for the Desmo.
Solid because the inside reaming to make it light is not important at present, important is that I develop the whole System as fast as I can..


April 15/2009.

Lot of things are going on - at least at the "Production edge" - as we try to produce a couple of Intake Snorkels and fairing uppers.
Of course everything takes it's Time, but I think we're able to ship the first done Bits ~ Monday 20/April.

In 6 days ( 21 April 2009 ) I'll have a speech with an " external FRP Professional" to build at least 10 of the OEM Intake Snorkel/Fairing Stay Combo from Carbon Kevlar, as I'm fully stretched with my for Fiber Resin Plastics Production Capacity at the Moment .

I do have to admit, I've lost the overview about what's ordered, maybe Parissa will give me right Direction, anyway I do the best I can.


April 7/2009.
Had a Speech with " Tube Bender " today, about fabrication of an Exhaust System for the Desmo.
We agreed to start with that work in May.
As all the ECU's for the Desmo (OEM/RACE/TERMI) seem to be useless, I need to find a Solution to solve that Prob fast.
But I've got an Idea.


April 5/2009.
Air-Intake Connector in Carbon Kevlar.    
The best Choice for Track, won't crack into Piece like Carbon... in case of a crash.
Soon inside my Shop.


April 4/2009.
Carbon Kevlar lower fairing for Termignoni Exhaust done/prepared.
Soon inside my Shop.



March 31/2009 - Updates.

March 27/2009 - the missing Snorkel.
Available tomorrow   .



March 25/2009 - Update


March 25/2009 .


March 20/2009 - the rear Brake.
The max. light hidden behind Swingarm rearbrake for the Desmo now available.
Fits from 220 to 240 ( OEM ) rear Brake Discs.
The Version without ( 5 Spot ) speed reading:


Including Speed reading Sensor....

.....just give me a breath, it'll appear inside my Shop next couple of days.
A few are readily available.


First Carbon/Kevlar upper Fairings are done. 

And the missing Snorkels are available in a couple of days



March 18/2009 .

Makes no Sense to destroy the OEM Plastics ( made from Carbon, which is not really suitable for track....or road )


March 17/2009 - short overview.



March Friday 13/2009, Marriage.

Marriage of the lower Part of the new Fueltank with the upper Cover/Fueltank.
This Marriage has to be very accurate and takes a lot of Time, because it determines the final Mold.


March 07/2009:

Started with the mold of the Termignoni D16 rear End  

And a bit "cleaner" Pic of the Desmo here, status quo today.
Lambda Sensor Nozzles weld in.


March 06/2009:
Does that belong here - dunno.
Do I care - No.

My Girlfriend with Bo.... our Saint Bernard


March 05/2009:
Rewelded the Radiator
Welded also the Crankcase Water-Intake housing.
Created Space
...for the Battery.


March 04/2009:

2 Headers Missing (waiting for Lambda-Sensor Nozzles to be weld in ).


February 26/2009.
First Desmo Monocoque Dummy done.
Waterpump arrived


February 24/2009   the missing Snorkel

We finally started to build that last missing Piece to have the front fairing available including Snorkel to match the OEM fairing-Stay/Snorkel Setup.

Fairing Stay and Snorkel ( both OEM Desmo Design) also available soon.


February 23/2009 - Water-circuit rebuild.

The weight of the Desmo Waterpump only is roughly 1 kg .
The whole tubing including Thermostat also ~ 1 kg
The right Side rubber Radiator Filler-hose is 200gr.
Next then the whole tubing and the Waterpump is filled with ( useless due unnecessary length ) at least 600cc of Water, which is 600 gr.
So a approximate sum up is 2.8 kg for everything, probably more.

And a huge waste of Space, as you see here

As there are 500gr. electrical Water pumps available, which are able to move 1200 L/h I decided to go for that Solution.

Waiting now for the Pump to arrive.


February 21/2009
Max.Light High-End 520 Chain/Sprockets Kit for the Desmo soon available.
For OEM Wheels or PVM.. Marchesini, BST and so on.

Drive Sprockets from 14-16, driven Sprockets from 36 - 46, Pricing approx 320 Euros (drive/driven Sprocket/Chain... all 520 ).
Shoot me an E-Mail for your desired Transmission ration... and/or Suggestions

June 1/ old Pic I found on my Computer, where it all began.


February 20/2009

Desmo Monocoque/Weight naked:


  Hanging here at 2lbs is a 5 digit custom wire Harness for the Desmo, ex Connectors.

OEM wire harness is at approx 4.4 lbs   


February 19/2009

Electronics done so far.
Monocoque mold finished.
Time to think about Location of Fuel.


February 17/2009

The Desmo Ti Termi Exhaust arrived.                                               
Checked a few details, some interesting, some not.
5000 - 6000 $ for that System is definitely not overpriced.

Desmo Monocoque mold growing and growing 



February 14/2009

Desmosedici wire harness done so far ( Motec M800/ADL2) .

Complete Engine and Auxiliary Inputs calibrated.          



Monocoque-Mold growing.
Decision came a couple of Days ago to fab also Rearsets for the Desmosedici - adjustable in length and height.
Those Rearsets won't be able to destroy the Monocoque in case of a crash.


February 12/2009

D16 Fueltank-Upper
Waiting for rework from now on, for better Ergonomics.



 D16 Monocoque Mold growing     

February 11/2009 Desmo Weight Killers:

Keep the Radiator, it cannot be made much lighter.



February 10/2009 - my new Desmo Parts/Summary :


February 09/2009 :

The Fueltank survived demolding.           

And started with the Monocoque too - damn brain sport ahead of me.   






February 06/2009 :
Due to German TÜV Inspection and intended DIN 9001 Certification we decided to go for a nice blue Frame for the Desmo.
BTW, now wired Sensors:

.....missing at present still a couple of other Sensors.
Some I wait for arrival, some need to be done.


February 04/2009 :

I started to make a raw mould of the Fueltank.
In the End it will be Part of a new Fueltank/Seat/Airbox Combo, whit modern Ergonomics, deep Center of Gravity... and so on.

A long way from now on:  


January 31/2009 :  

First Fairing upper done.
I will use this Piece to develop the last missing Part- the connecting Airduct, which will be done next 10 days.
Then I'm done so far with the Fairing, and I'm able to think about the Monocoque/Rearsets Setup.



January 29/2009 .
The choice of rear Desmo Brakediscs ....damn complicated

... I think ( I hope ) that's it.
The Maximum weight loose will be Choice V or IV .
Choice V will allow no Traction Control ( due to the Design of the Brakedisc )
Choice IV/III/II/I even includes Traction-Control Readerslots ( in case you plan to swap on Motec later )

A Picture here.    
A 220- 240mm light Brakedisc ( for OEM Bolt Pattern or BST... etc Wheels ), in 220mm Diameter for Durbahn rear superlight rear Brake Setup - /or 240mm for OEM rear brake Setup.
Both including Traction Control/Speed-reading Opportunities 


Just to let you know - the OEM Desmo rear Brake Disc weights one Kilogram !
I've got my special Brakediscs at 50% of that weight.


January 28/2009 :
The new PVM Mag 6 Spoke 2009 Wheels


The new Speed-Sensor, which I had to build for my new Desmo rearbrake.   
With LED Indication of Operation-Control.

The OEM Desmosedici rear brake : 949 gr. ( 2.09 lbs )
My rear hidden Desmo Brake : 500 gr. ( 1.1 lbs )




January 27/2009 :

   The most smart and most light rear Brake fluid-Reservoir for the Desmo now available


January 26/2009 :
Got the first Desmo Mini-Rearbrake from my Machinist.
Will check the Fitment today.
If everything turns out fine it'll be available in 2 weeks ( have to anodize them black)


January 24/2009 :
Desmo wire Harness insight.
Bad Joke.


January 23/2009 :
Got all the Deutsch-Connectors.
Proceeding fast now with the wire Harness


BTW: PVM Magnesium special Racing Wheels arrives, Pictures and Weights nest couple of Days.





January 19/2009 :

proceeding with the Wire Harness, just waiting for all the Deutsch connectors to arrive.



January 16/2009 Misc Updates:

- new radial mini rearbrake will be available end of January ( for Brakediscs 210-240mm )
- light rear Brakedisc 210-220mm for OEM Bolt Pattern  OEM/BST/PVM etc Wheels available beginning of February
- my "traditional" CCC will be available early February too
- the D16 special edition CCC available end of February
- the front fairing mould is done, I expect first front fairing positive to be done in ~ 10 Days
- the high-end 9.2 Ah and 6.9Ah lightweight Durbahn-Life Battery for the Desmo now available with connectors ( Time to install ~ 5 Minutes)
- and the T7075 AL-Axles are done, soon available

Weight saving close to the weight saving of the 2 Ti-Bolts sets from Ducati .
Those Axles shave 680 gr. unsprung weight.

Complete Kit.


Ceramic Matrix Carbon Brakediscs, shot at Ducati-Borken :