R1 Rebuild



The basics of a Drive by Wire Unit.



Rear hidden Rearbrake and Racing Alternator close to be done.

Monocoque in the making.




The OEM R1 Gear Sensor internal Configuration was not suitable for the Motec ECU, so I reworked it from a 7 Wire Output down to a 2 Wire Output ( + and Signal ).

It looks a bit experimentally, but works flawless.



 prepared with cable                                       prepared to mould with resin




Experimenting with a couple of tables regarding the DBW Setup: the Video on 




CTS 7 and CTS 7 Plus complete Quickshift Kit for Yamaha YZF R1 - including Plug and Play Wire Harness and new Shift rod - soon available !




We started with first Section of the Monocoque. 

Front Suspension Sensor mounted


New Section inside my Motorcycle electronics Web: Drive by wire and the Opportunities with a Motec ECU


RN22: Motec M800 - SLM - SDL  raw wire Harness done




As the Motec M800 Adapter-Harness for the R1 is already done and working - I started to add Connectors to the 2nd ( M800) strand.
The functions of this 2nd M800 strand:

.... Means now all M800 Inputs are occupied, and only 2 Outputs are left over

Probably today I will wire up the Motec SDL.




Since a couple of Days the R1 is running on Motec ( M800 ), just was too busy to write it down here.
Here's the Video on Youtube: R1 Starttest/Motec




The raw work is done so far, all OEM ECU functions are now controlled by the Motec ECU.
Here's the R1 to Motec M800 Piggyback wire harness Preparation:



The Motec M800 test wire harness, not completed, but worth to collect a few Information's.

The Video about R1 Velocity Stack Control: on YOUTUBE



What I'm attempting to do now is now create a Motec M800 wire harness, which connects directly to the OEM ECU Connectors.

In the end those wires you see will be separated into two strands, one connected with the OEM wire harness, the other one for the Motec on top Functions, such as:





It is at it ever is, the Basic Motec wire Harness..
Decision of colors 


Then the Connectors prepared, crimping Job done:






Oct8/2009 - started to develop a race Alternator and a light rear Brake Assy




Oct4/2009: start disassembly