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July 04/2010:

The Alternator Cover, which works with my Racing Alternator, or for all total loss Applications



- the new superflat Alternator-Cover, works with my racing alternator, or for all total Loss Applications


superlight Aluminum-Fueltank - 22 Liters !





The mold for the flat Alternator Cover is in Progress, more Details soon .

Also a bit more expensive CNC machined high-End version available ~ end of April.



Soon available: flat new Alternator Cover for my Alternator.
Allows way more lean angle.
Approx 1 1/4" shaved width


Jan 26/2010:

RN22 superlight hidden radial Rearbrake-Assy
Now available inside the Shop:


Jan 16/2010:

The RN22 Racing Alternator Kit.
Available inside the Shop:


Jan 15/2010:

Racing-Alternator/Rectifier setup done, ~ 70% less rotational Inertia.
More soon - Delivery possible in approx 10days.

Pics ~ in 6 days


Nov 22/2009:

Available in a couple of Days, CTS Quickshifter Plug and play Adapter Looms, for R1's 2004 to 2010.

Makes Life easy.





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