Januar - Juni 2011

June 28/2011: S1000RR, hidden radial superlight rear brake

Now available in the Shop !

3D CNC machined



June 22/2011: S1000RR - Airbox Update- having Fun.

Luis from Spain is doing the mould of the Airbox lower Section at present, we've gotta Fun.




June 18-19/2011: S1000RR - Monocoque/ FueltankDummy/Airbox Update- Picture series



My weekend


June 15/2011: S1000RR - Monocoque/ FueltankDummy/Airbox Update





June 12/2011: S1000RR - Monocoque/ FueltankDummy Update

The mounting Spots for the Monocoque created       




June 08/2011: S1000RR - Monocoque/ FueltankDummy Update

To have a fresh new start- everything Base Coated now.



The Man behind all that work is Luis from Spain.
Thanks Luis.



June 06/2011: S1000RR - Monocoque/ FueltankDummy Update


Everything is growing.



April 20/2011: S1000RR light hidden rear radial Brake-Assy.
Available soon.



April 10/2011: kind of Marriage.

Joined the Fueltank-Dummy with the Tailsection.
A lot of measuring and adjustment before

In the end I will cut it again into 2 Pieces, but the Separation-Lines will be somewhere else.



April 3/2011: The raw Layout what I will do.
I will use four Desmosedici 12 Hole Shower Injectors to fuel the S1000RR.
In the end it will of course look a bit nicer, aswell I need to find the correct Position/Height of Injectors above Funnels, but that's just a minor Prob.



April 1/2011: The S1000RR Fork now back in black, as it should be.
New triples added also.




March 31/2011: The superlight, hidden, radial rear Brake.
The CAD/CAM Layout here 5th Version




March 29/2011: My S1000RR Cable clutch is done so far.
The declutch-Stroke is adjustable from 1,0 to 1,7mm, which allows me to adjust the Handforce for the Clutch exactly to it's minimum.

To sum up: I'm satisfied with this Solution.
The Handforce for clutch-operation decreased close to 50%.
The Spot of pressurizing the pushrod is easy and fast adjustable from the outside, the necessary declutch-Stroke even faster, and without Tools.



March 23/2011: joined my S1000RR Fueltank-Dummy with an aftermarket Tailsection, need to check now which Ideas may grow.



March 09/2011: the 1000RR declutch Mechanism with way less Handforce and much more Sensivity, and additional adjustable declutch Stroke - growing.





March 07/2011 - the Solution for the Magnesium Valvecover of the S1000RR, which is not protected against Corrosion BMW (check January 24): 

Teflon-Acryl Coating.
Easy to apply.
Clear, so in Case the coating maybe "wounded" you'll detect again upcoming Corrosion immediately.... and then simply add another Layer.
Anti-Stick characteristics .
A Tipp: very good also as "Drylube/Coat" for axles and bolts... dust or dirt won't stick.

Available here inside my Shop




March 07/2011 S1000RR:
my new S1000RR declutch Mechanism with way less Handforce and much more Sensivity.... next Step

In the Makes.
The OEM Alternator Cover.
After I cut cut out an Edge of the Cover (check January 30) this Section has been filled up again with Magnesium- then I started with my milling machine.

The final Result will show up here approx May. 


March 02/2011 S1000RR :
MoTeC wire harness, Fueltank-Dummy, Airbox lower Section







February 25/2011 S1000RR - the front Fork
After all what I've heard from competent sources, the S1000 RR Fork is well Setup for that Bike.
Switching to Ohlins often leads into Troubles (for teams below WSBK).
So I thought why hassle, I keep the OEM Fork, and simple rework it slightly.

First Step was to remove the ugly colors of the OEM S1000RR Fork Bottoms, and the Fork Legs.




February 21/2011 S1000RR- Wire harness Start.
Began as usual, then made the Drafts, what belongs where and decided length of wires.

Everything based on the free programmable ECU from Motec, here the M800



February 10/2011 S1000RR - Fueltank-Dummy

The Basic Fueltank-Dummy is done.

The final Shape is still not clear. It will depend on the Design of the Fueltank and Monocoque.




February 9/2011 S1000RR and the Airbox.

The rough Layout of the S1000RR is done, now it's up to the fine-work, which takes most of the Time.




February 5/2011 S1000RR and the approximate weight:
Intermediate Result.

What I hope to realize until September:


The S1000RR is OEM 454 lbs ( incl. Fuel), I will try to get it in the first step down to 160 kg, so 353 lbs ( measured with 5 Liters of Fuel ).

But this is really approximate, because I have not much experience with the S1000RR at present, and have not written down the weight of the OEM Bits.
But I think  will be able to shave close to 100 lbs.






January 30/2011:
I thought I will build a better Cable Clutch with less hand force, and more Sensivity.
Therefore it took an angle grinder, some kinda chips I need to fab on the milling machine.... to find out, if there's significant Magnesium inside this Alloy.
The Pics:
             Does it burn ? ..ok, I need Mag


January 27/2010:


The Combination of a free programmable ECU from Motec (here M800), and the Drive by wire Unit of the S1000RR.
With all the benefits, that you do not have with a OEM or BMW race ECU:
- Throttle Blip at downshifting
- Adjustable Engine Brake Moment
- fully individual TC, you van use all Tyres you like
- individually adjustable Lauch Control
- with "Key Lock Switch" you could adjust the Horsepower in a way that you could even let ride the Beamer by your Son...
- Logging
- Lambda Control

.. well and Tons of other Stuff, only the restriction of your possible Ideas can restrict the MoTeC ECU.



January 26/2011:

The Conversion
Had to rack my brain for a while about the functionality of the DBW gearbox, and what is doing what and why.
There are some safety-Features inside, which have their up- and also downsides.
Depending on what you want there is a necessity of modifications - means if you want to have the full benefit of all the Features, which the Motec ECU in conjunction with the ADL2/3 is able to deliver.


More Details later, some Pics




January 25/2011:
MoTeC M880/M800 and the BMW S1000RR DBW Unit
I will check the DBW Unit again, and I am so far convinced, that I can make the S1000RR run with the Motec ECU, with all the full programmable Features.



January 24/2011:

I decided to go for two things next:




January 19/2011:

730 gr. , so 1.61 lbs is the OEM BMW rear Brake disc, which is too much.
The new Brakediscs should be max. 1lbs, or even less.
2 different Friction Height Versions will be available, because...

I already have got the first Sample of a nice light hidden radial rear Brake-Assy done, which hope they are ready for sale in approx 5 weeks (but I will show some pre-Pics... CAD Drawings before)