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May 05/2007 - Durbahn V2 :          

First Pics of the 2007 Durbahn V2 with under Engine Exhaust , new Fairing lower...etc .
More to come soon .




April 27/2007 - Durbahn V2 : 


In 20 days first trackday is scheduled , so there's not a lot of Time left to build the new Undertail, which I especially created for my under-Engine Exhaust .
Started today to fab the mould , I'm in a rush now - so you can expect weekly updates of the Project .

April 23/2007 - Ducati 1098:

Tracked down a 1098 to check opportunities for integral lightweight Solutions .
You know , not the common stuff which don't save much , more serious and thought twice Parts I'm trying to develop near future .

There will appear a own Web for the 1098 soon .



March 24 /2007 :

The Durbahn V2 close before first test run with the M800 .           

I could write a lot about input and output Fuctions , and what I will do next couple of weeks  , but the main Problem is that there's no Time yet to report everything .Later maybe.




March 15 /2007 :

Finally decided to let the Bike run on A M800 ECU , with all the electronically features which I have in mind , as :

Software controlled Anti-hopping
Slip - Control
and many more features .

Started yesterday , tear apart a Ducati 999 wire harness for plugs , tear apart a RC51 wire harness for plugs , and a CBR1000rr wire harness for colors of the wires . I need a lot of colors , approx 60 different ones . And Honda has the most strict color-scheme I ever got in contact with , so I decided to use those colors.

Installed front and rear suspension linear sensors ( lot more will follow )









           March 04/ 2007 - the under-Engine Titanium Exhaust is done , got it back from the welder .
The total weight incl. package will be ~ 4.2- 4.5 kg .




I'm sorry , I have never been able to update the English Section regarding rebuilt-costs or necessary Parts to rebuild  a 999(s/r) into Durbahn-999 .
So , at the entry page here :  I can fabricate Parts , the whole Setup is tested meanwhile past 2 years (also some Parts have been reworked to sort out Problems - which appear at every Prototype ) .  I even have a 100% working Motec-file with sensor-Setup to run the 999 , if you'd like to see the Datarecordings- contact me .

Generally : depending on the skills you have ..or access to someone who can do the work for you , the rebuild into a Durbahn-999 is starting at 10.000 Euros ex Vat .... no upper limit .


December 27/2006 :Checking the opportunities for a under-Engine Exhaust again. 


Oktober 1. 2006 :
This years last trackday is done , so I started to disassemble the V2 to inspect the Parts . Focused the Wet clutch first for wear/damage , but nothing . Have ridden this clutch with Aluminum friction-Plates and Aluminum-Clutchplates 2 years which means close to 30 days on track , no wear , can put it back into the Engine as it is . Only at the first trackday last year I had a problem with wear , because I thought the Oil flying around inside the Engine would be enough to lubricate the clutch some way, which was wrong . Then I've used a short steel brake line which I routed from the spot where the Oilpressure-sensor is to the clutch-center, through the cover ( equipped with a 0.3mm Main-jet ,which is limiting the amount of Oil coming into the clutch-hub) to solve that Prob  .  

The whole Assy here :  I~000053.jpg (245100 Byte)                             Then I've had the whole Exhaust on the scale  : 2 years on track-V2 Exhaust.jpg (138536 Byte)

The complete Titanium Exhaust with the dual can setup I think is even lighter than the 1 Can setup , it's at 3.850 gr ( 8.5 lbs )



I think that'll be the Solution I stay with , this Dual-Can Exhaust Setup . It'a real deep and hard Sound coming out of this Cans and they are even lighter than the 2 in 2 one-Can Setup 

     .                   Duc July 2006 Dual Cans1.jpg (197291 Byte)                     Duc July 2006 Dual Cans2.jpg (183700 Byte)                    

Exhaust detail detail r-side view 2.JPG (94868 Byte)   This has been my first Idea , 2 or 3 years ago , but then I cancelled this whole under-Engine Exhaust Project (even it was 98% done ), because it was too cramped with the fairing , a big part of the headers itself have shown out of the fairing and desturbed the entire side view , so I gave up. 
2006/July now , and I have the Idea . Depending on the way I ride ,or moreless the condition I have beeing able to ride fast on track- it's not more than 26 minutes maximum , which means approx 8 Liter Fuel I need . So Wintertime I'll start again with an under Engine Exhaust, which will look even more nuts then what I have at present .And : lighter .