RC30 - the Injection Manifold , custom made .

.....the necessary ECU + Explanation + accompanied Page will be appear here soon.


My Project for 2008 .

The content of this Page is approx 5 years old - So 2002 Peter and me build this Manifold .
There's only this single Manifold existing at present , but it will be copied at least two Times .

Here some Pics of milling and turning:  

Injection Bracket2.JPG (75196 Byte) Raw milled + wrong milled Fuel-Rail bracket 
Machining Details         Injection BracketDetail11.JPG (58843 Byte)          Injection Bracket1.JPG (55966 Byte)

Hm,looks sexy in my Eyes,and even much more,when i have a look at the weight -difference
between stock Carbs 4.2 kg      
stock carbs 4,2kg.JPG (47089 Byte)  and my new injection now 2 kg     InjectionBracket2kg.JPG (71443 Byte) .

What does it mean?

Not very much, normally a cpl.injection system incl. crap wire for all Sensors,injection pump,a necessary at least 200 W Alternator is about 5-7 kg HAVYER than std.Carb Solution,but my calculation is: +1kg fuelpump ,+ 0.4 kg Alternator(vs.mine now),+ max.1.6kg for all pressure hoses,sensors and additional wires and new calculator -means only +1.2 kg vs.std carb.Solution,a good value i think.

Throttle bodies are GSX-R 98/99,for info ,if you want to copy it sometimes .I pressed the Carbon funnels from 2 plys tube-Carbon 16gr each,thats ok.45 mm throttle Valves !!!        That should work
                                                                                                                                          Injection-Bracket3.JPG (96409 Byte)


The rubbers i had to model and manufacture new,because there was no chance to connect Motor and injection with any available rubber,so searched and researched a while and found a rubber in the end,which is durable against gasoline connected with heat (shall i colour them hot red ?)First rubbers now are not durable against Fuel,but doesnt matter,they've done their job to fit all-fits like a glove. 
Injectionbracket on factory Engine3.JPG (134807 Byte)



So -nice black anodized alloy distances,the fuelsupply bracket has inside thread M14 x1.5 so i'll be able to use fittings same as for Oilcooler,no pressure Problem
Injection-Bracket10.JPG (89607 Byte)     Injection-Bracket5.JPG (59691 Byte) 
To explain all:

conditioning i'll NEVER ride std. Carbs again next solution would have been  FCR-Carbs,but there was a Problem,because factory Engine have got 22mm shortened intakes and there was no chance to fix FCR's on the motor,apart i would have manufactured 22mm prolonged rubbers-but this obviously makes more than no sense.So what should i do ? It's a kind of saying: hoh-ok,let's have a look for some throttle Bodys of a 750cc bike,and if you've got some with different spares provided friends you may have luck to get a adaptable throttle Body.Indeed my V4 Injection Bracket looks simple,some distances-brackets-a fuel supply bracket,and by lucky coincidence,namely caused by rubbers ~ 15 angle i got the uncalculated opportunity to manufacture ONE fuel supply bridge for all Bodys.Extremly important then of course is the connecting angle of fuel supply bracket,but-thanks Peter-we hit the right one !


To prevent frictions by Vibration i added a 2nd Carbon-bracket at injections bottomInjection-Bracket2.JPG (99650 Byte)           all throttle valves can be synchronized vs.each other          Injection-Bracket6.JPG (152183 Byte)


Injection-Bracket15.JPG (117853 Byte)        The underside,you can see the mechanism connecting front and rear,injection valves!