Parts'n Prices Section 

"Normal" Parts :



21 Dez 2005: High-Precision Cam-Timing-Tool available

Camtiming-Tool 1.jpg (270559 Byte)                    Camtiming-Tool 2.jpg (170274 Byte)



Pistal high-Comp Pistons    high Comp Pistons.jpg (81287 Byte)

Picure shows RC51-Pistal-Pistons,but at least always one Set on stock for Ducati 999,


PT-Radial Brakemaster

July 03.04 : on stock,verylight : ,CNC-machined ,19mm bore,288gr total,every spare-Part available.Adjustable Lever ,completely hard-anodized, with bleeding-srew          Pt Radial Master.jpg (98506 Byte)



ISR- Radial Mastercylinder on stock.    ISR Radial master.jpg (81887 Byte)

on stock,CNC-machined, anodized,multi-adjustable 19mm basic bore , but through a smart mechanism inside you're able to adjust the stroke continously,which leads into covering brakemasters from 17- 21 mm bore ...    



THE NEW EVO (Type II-2 ) 

Available for close to all Ducatis'll be delivered of course incl. pressure rod,just forgot that when I made the Pics.
Anyway,measured here up to
50 % less handforce you need-and probably you don't know,what a sentiment for clutch slipping you have with a cable clutch. This new EVO2-2 Type is revolutionary adjustable from 1.9 to 0.7 mm declutch stroke, You will be able to set the CCC EXACT up to the declutch-stroke your clutch need ,means : you need not more handforce than absolutely necessary !

Ducati CCC Pic1.JPG (70183 Byte)              Ducati CCC Pic 2.JPG (134391 Byte)     CCC on a 998:  CCC on a 998.JPG (74008 Byte)



Comment from North valley Honda :

"Thanks for getting these to us. We did put the CCC on
one of our Superbikes for Laguna Seca and it did fix
our problem of clutch grabbing on the racing start. We
can now rev the bike to 8000rpm and slip the clutch to
obtain a smooth start.

Comment from Team Apache-racing :

"The CCC greatly improved my starts"

I've send a CCC to BMW-Motorcycle for a diploma,they've compared the CCC vs. the Hydraulic declutch-System

Handforce-diagram Hydraulic                           Handforce-diagram CCC

Kupplungshandkraftdiagramm hydraulic.jpg (89258 Byte)                                                          Kupplungshandraftdiagramm  CCC.jpg (99307 Byte)