Sophisticated Traction Control

Finally a good working "stand alone" Traction Control Unit is on Market.
Nemesis with the TCS System closed the Gap between Hobby-Traction Control Systems ( Bazzaz, Grip one, and similar), and the real professional Units like Marelli, Motec or PI.

Available at present for some selected Ducati, KTM, NCR and Moto Guzzi Models, but more will follow !

The Nemesis combined TC Strategies: Cut, Retard, Pulse mode

Depending on the amount of wheel slip seen by the TCS and the position in the corner, the TCS produces one of 16
responses ranging from different levels of ignition retard, then on to retard and cuts, followed by retard and pulsed
ignition cuts giving longer recovery periods coupled to short power bursts and finally to 85% ignition cut.

The five stages of slip control :


This combined Traction Control Strategy can not be found on any other Traction Control System for Motorcycles on Market !