Safety and Diagnostics

The Nemesis TC-Pod Built in Diagnostics

The TC-Pod monitors data continually as well as CAN messages from other devices on the bike to look for potential
problems. If a problem is found which lasts longer than 0.5 seconds the TC-Pod is able to show a series of error codes as a
combination of:

• Centre numeric value
• Colour of DTC (Diagnostic Traction Control) LED
• The number of blue LEDs showing

During certain diagnostic events the TCS system is disabled, but immediately the fault is resolved the TC-Pod will
automatically revert back to the previously used TC-Level settings. If the diagnostic event has a very short duration it can be impossible for the user to notice the diagnostic value, for this reason, any diagnostic event code will stay visible for 2 seconds.
If wish to cancel a diagnostic message you can ‘press and hold’ the TC-Up (+) button for 2 seconds, this will not fix the problem, but it will clear the screen until the next time the system is switched off/on. Providing the error is not critical to function, TCS will continue to work.

Note – For extended ‘stunt type’ wheelies where the front speed drops less than 35kmh lower than the rear for
longer than 3 seconds the user will see a diagnostic message on the TC-Pod display and the Traction Control will be
disabled. This will automatically recover once the front wheel is back on the ground.
We go to great lengths to ensure system integrity and to provide a rugged hardware installation, but It is important
for any user to know that certain sensors/wiring/devices are critical to system functionality and that a sudden and
unexpected failure by external damage or other causes can also lead to a sudden and unexpected de-activation of
the TC system.