Plug and Play ?


Well, the Nemesis TCS is composed of quite a couple of Bits and pieces - and they do not mount and program themselves.

But for each individual Bike you get all the stuff you need, all the little Bits - even washers if necessary, to be able to mount the nemesis TCS yourself.
The Manual for each Bike is approx 6 Pages long, with Detail-Description:

So if you want to mount everything yourself (if you may have no good dealer around, or just want to save money) you have to know one thing: the TCS is Basically equipped with a "Testfile", so you HAVE TO :

  1. tell the Nemesis TCS the circumferences of your tires

  2. The number of Impulses for front- and rear Wheel

  3. calibrate the Voltage of Throttle position (0% and 100%), which typically is in a range of more than 0.5 Volts (0%TP) and less than 4.5 Volts (100% TP)

To be able to do this yourself, you need the COMMUNICATION INTERFACE with it's Software.

If this is maybe too much for you, or you feel uncomfortable to do this yourself, if you fear you can make a mistake, then there are still a couple of Solutions: