Ducati  Desmosedici D16RR, 848/1098/1198/S/R, Streetfighter... etc. 
Traction Control now available from Nemesis !


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THE Plug and Play Nemesis TCS Kit for lot of Ducati Models available now !!

But it does not Matter which other  Model of Ducati you may have, but I'm able now to adapt the basic Nemesis TCS System to most Ducatis.

An Exception has to be done here - the whole range of the Ducati 916-to 998 Series. Here the Nemesis TCS can not be adapted at present, due to a certain internal programing of the OEM ECU's (when it comes to the Ignition). The Nemesis Crew is working Hardcore to solve the prob, and if you maybe want to be informed, when the Nemesis TCS for that Series is available - just drop me an E-Mail !

Of course, as the precise orientation of the TCS Module + the orientation is extremely important, the Solutions where and how to integrate the Nemesis TCS on your Bike may differ, considering of course also the Stage of rebuilt, which you may have ( from OEM to Race-Bike).

The Solutions are individual, but yet it is possible to drive a professional Traction Control at affordable Costs !

If you're interested - drop me an EMail.

You'd like to have more Information: THE NEMESIS WEB HERE