Durbahn RC30 - the objective for 2008


I will start again - from scratch - to rework the RC30 .

The Heart of the RC30 is the V4 Engine , the small Frame and maybe the Swingarm .
The Bore/Stroke of the Engine is ideal - even 2007 the new GSXR750 has the same Bore/Stroke values ( but of course a better combustion-chamber design )

However , my Intentions for Chassis and Ergonomics are

Wheelbase : 1400 - 1410 mm
Rake :  66° - 66.5°
Trial  : 98 mm    ( adjustable +/- 3 mm )
Gap Fueltank -End  to mid of Steering-Stem  : 54 cm
Ride-Height : 83 cm
Gap Seatpad - Rearsets  : 45 cm ( value taken from Memory , maybe not correct )
Width Seatpad /Tailsection ( Area of  Riders Ass )  , not more than ~ 25 cm

That's moreless the Values , which came out as most rideable during the past 20 years of Sportsbikes-developments .
Of course that means to create a lot of Parts new , as :


But I do not want to leave the RC30 in the grave of History . She's more than worth to care about to push her into the year 2008.

Which also means to put her on Injection ( I already started with that Project year 2002 ) , in conjunction with a professional ECU ( see Navigation ).

Due to the Motec M800 ECU I have lot's of Advantages than , as :
- Permanent Lambda-monitoring + Logging
- Lambda-Control
- Traction Control
- Quickshift
- Shiftlight
- Suspension-Logging Opportunities
- Exhaust Gas Temps monitoring /Logging ( i.E. )

..... and lots more


No Target of weight . I do what I can .




The Introduction written Year 2000






Honda VFR 750 R   ( RC 30 )

Its my opinion : Everything you need , to built one of the best Motorcycles

 World ever has seen(  and still keeping the centre of RC 30's character   )

 is a RC 30 Frame , Engine,Fuel Tank and the Swingarm.

To verify , if i am right , spend a bit of your valuable Time at these Pages ,

 i bet , you wont be disappointed.

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even
though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who
neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight
that knows not victory nor defeat."

Quotation submitted by visitor


Here's nearly a complete guide through whole Modifications i've done the last 7 years until now , to optimize a  RC30  from the Tyres to the Crankcase.

Don't suppose everything you'll see has grown on my own ideas.

Important particulary hints in Development of Specials i got from competent Persons , especially from Gerhard Thiede,Berlin (Honda - Dealer).

Thanks also Joe Soppa ( Photos ) , MO - Magazin ( Germany ).

For free Doorway to Milling Machines concerning Prototype Developments , thanks : MEZA GmbH -Horst / Elmshorn , especially Wolfgang Meyer.

For Sprockets weight loss modifying:thanks:Frank Daum , Mos-Sattelbach (Germany)

Special Thank for free accomodation in garages in the early years: Torsten Helms ( Hamburg ), Marco von Appen ( Kaltenkirchen ).

Note:Don't mind this English , i think ,  following Ciceros Motto: " If we just understand the same (Thing , Thought ) , we shouldnt split about Formulation " , you'll understand.

More than 70 % of  this Sites  relate to weight Decrease , but :

(except full throttle on german Highways)

Do you need only one of your -let's say - 180 Horse power to enter a corner ?

Okay , as the corner opens and you wind gas on , you need some , but think about the Effekt , if you have 4 fat women on board .( That's to describe riding a stock RC 30 )

That's it :16.666% of Bikes Performance is on account of power,83.334%,means rest of performance is weight.

Did you ever drove a very light Bike  ?


Don't grumble about .


Note :You can use this Frames Navigation (so close left and upper Frame,just click and pull line ), or scroll left Frame for Sites you're interested in and click for opening them at this Frame.

16 years ago at the Nürburgring-  getting advices about how to remove quitening gears :

10_years_ago_Nuerburgring.jpg (92944 Byte)

November 1990 i acquired my first RC 30.

Already at this Time i thought it's a superb technical Base , but also ,that the appearance does not fit to .A front Bodywear , that reminds to John Carpenters Spacecrafts Dome (Dark Star) , a Seat that , following Kafka :we really liked the last autumn .

But 23 years old i hav'nt had the experience to make out of it , what i guessed it could be , if someone cares.

OK , as you say in english , single - minded i went my way :  slow --- but straight . Indeed ,  the result now is (my opinion) : remarkable.

History :it began with slight Modyfications ,RC 30 BW - Front , rear Seat Duc 888 . First Carbon Silencer 1990 in mothers oven (Sorry mother ! ).First cuttings at rear Frame and wire , then engines Power up -- a great Step . Meanwhile a degree of Chemistry (dropped out ) , following : degree of Philosophy (main :Kant , but i'll drop out too ).

What stays ? Nothing then examination : everything you do or handle , seize ,  your'on the most efficient way , for what you have in mind !.



The Result :

Weight incl.Fuel ,Starter etc. (Road use ) :161,5 kg

HP : 140

Max. Nm : 89

Time to built : 8 years

Hours : Lord knows                       


          Here:daily chaos,but if you want to know what chaos can create:have a look into the mirror                       

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