Weight savings

February 11/2009 Desmo Weight Killers:

Keep the Radiator, it cannot be made much lighter.


August 3/2008

For pure track racing a recommendation.
For way better handling and Acceleration:

On the Alternator-Side then the rotational Inertia is reduced 99%.
Acceleration and Handling is improved DRASTICALLY
The total weight saving adds up to 16 lbs.

The 9.2 Ampere Power Pack is sufficient for approx 30- 40 Minutes on track.
A 11,3  Ampere Power Pack would even be sufficient for approx 60 - 70 Minutes on track.
Fast charging within 8-12 Minutes with a 40Amp Charger.

This is what I will do with my own 1098.

Check out:

The Battery
The Flywheel
The Charger