Desmo rebuild 2008
July to December 2008

December 22/2008
Cleared up the Situation a bit.
Note: this is the Motec M800 wiring only.
The ADL2 wiring will be it's own.



December 19/2008

Suggestion Motec M800 Sensor Input Configuration.
Configuration meanwhile has changed, used some of the spare inputs to connect them with ADL2


Sorted it out so far so good, wires start to look like a harness:



December 18/2008

Started to prepare Wires for Motec M800




December 03/2008

Desmolower Carbon/Kevlar           
Perfect for track and road.
High Dynamical Strength.






November 27/2008, Desmo fairing lower
available now in Carbon Kevlar
Just have to make some Pictures, then it'll appear inside my Shop.




November 19/2008:

In Conjunction with my new hidden rearbrake it is possible to build a MAX light Wheel for the Desmo, incl. OEM Speed-reading
This Wheel will have a weight of 5,8 kg in AL, and 4.6kg in Magnesium.
The OEM Desmo wheel weight is 8.3 kg

This Wheel will be special, and manufactured especially to match my new rearbrake, to reduce unsprung weight and rotational Inertia down to Minimum.

All the necessary Drafts and Sketches are done
Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you are interested in this Setup, as the delivery-Time for Magnesium Wheels is roughly 5 Months and ~ 2 Months for Aluminum.

November 19/2008:
The first Prototype of a trick light invisible Desmo-rearbrake is done.

In the End 2 Types of rear brakes will be done :



November 17/2008:
The Desmo-Front is in the Makes, the mold should be done ~24. Nov.


November 10/2008:
The Desmo Aluminum Fueltank is at 5 kg without Fuelpump.
Considering the weight of average modern Sportsbikes Fuel tanks weight, which are made from mild Steel, which is 300% more Density of Material, and considered they are at ~ 5.5 kg in Steel with a Capacity of 18 Liters.... the Desmo Tank is damn heavy, way more than I expected.


I will start now to build a mold of the Fueltank, only upper Section , to be able to check out the Space I have for a different Airbox/Fueltank Setup.
Quite clear the OEM Desmo Battery Location above rear Cylinder will vanish/ be changed.



October 23/2008
Excerpt of the drawing of the 2nd Desmo CCC.
We're at Version 3 at present.
I think until everything is ready to be CNC machined we will be at Version ~ 7.



October 18/2008

D16 Carbon Fairing Lower




October 17/2008


Everything done with Epoxy-Resin, I do NOT FAB ANY OF MY PLASTICS WITH CHEAP POLYESTER.


First Desmo lower Fairing is done, out of the mould , here inside Comparison, OEM and mine :

Weight: only 54% compared to OEM.  

The Versions in Carbon-Kevlar and Glassfiber will follow.

The upper fairing mould is in the makes.

The lower Fairing (CARBON - CARBON/KEVLAR - GLASS) will appear in my Shop once I have Time to make nice .. Photostudio Pictures.




October 16/2008
Raw Baseplate-Drawing for my CCC/Desmo is done


October 15/2008, scattered Thoughts:



Our Watchdog


Not much left of the Desmo.
Not a lot of Bits will remain.
Rear Wheel is too heavy, front seems close to be ok weight wise.
Some OEM Bits I will drop at my machinist to build them from Titanium or AL.
I will offer those Bits then inside my Shop - once they're done



October 14/2008 :Update , CCC's and stuff

Definitely 2 different Cable clutches will be available for the Desmo soon
- New rearsets probably too ( if then ~ November/December)


October 11/2008 , simplex sigillum veri :

Well, I have already a Base-Plate for my CCC in the Makes, so my continuously declutch-Stroke adjustable CCC will be available in a month.
Maybe then in the end I will have 2 CCC's available for the Desmo, because I like the Style and the simplicity of the CCC which I have developed for my own 1098.

For all those who never had a smart made Cable Clutch, it's a tremendous good feel !

To give a rough Idea :






October 6/2008 , Scattered News:



So if you mount the light Flywheel it'll be weight wise as if you'd have removed the Alternator

Alternator mounted:

Scattered Impressions:



October 5/2008 :

The Desmo starts to look like a Racebike.
Have had a few Bits on the Scale today:



October 4/2008 :

Monocoque weight   5kg ( 11lbs) ,including Rearsets, breather Chamber


Race ECU Readout


October 3/2008     

One Thought after having a short look:

The Water-circuitry can be improved:
- By different routing, containing less Water- so therefore less weight
- new Waterpump, new Location of Waterpump

this Desmo is not mine, it's from my Buddy, but thanks God I've got free rain to do what I want.

October 2/2008

4 weeks from now on on it'll be moreless just thinking.
About a lightweight Desmo Concept.
In-between I will read out the Desmo Race-ECU, to be able feed the Motec M800 with some raw Data.


First Data recordings then of A/F Values with/from the Motec ADL2 I'll be able to post ~ June 2009

Generally I can not describe very detailed now how I will lower the weight of the D16 ( which in the End will be even  below the weight of the GP Bike ) but of course, once the Bits are done, I will display them here.

One thing said, we'll fab our own full Ti Exhaust System.



September 17/2008
Some better Pics of the Carbon/Kevlar Panel.

Outside :

Inside :

I never use a big layer, which is covering the whole mould in one, even that would be cheaper for me, because that means less work and less blend. The Reason is, that just one layer Carbon Kevlar ( or Glass ) is not enough but 2 Layers is too heavy.
So 5 years ago I decided to go for the best way in-between regarding the weight, even there's more blend for me
I use rectangular cut Carbon Kevlar which has an overlay with each neighbor, so where 4 layers meet there's a central point of stability, and double layer at the seam where 2 layers are next to each other.

So this way I've got a Mesh of 2-4 Layers of Carbon/Kevlar at the connecting Points, kinda like Skyscrapers are build inside.




September 08/2008

Desmofront and lower fairing OEM Parts polished and prepared to build the mold
I do have 2 trackdays next 11 days, but from 20 September on I will force the Production of Desmosedici Parts


September 03/2008

Desmofront and lower fairing OEM Parts sanded and prepared to build the mold.

Inside upper 



August 22/2008:

Desmofront in the Makes.
The Race Front will fit 100% , at less weight than the OEM Stuff.


August 21/2008:

The Plan for next 3 Weeks:

- I will fab the first Fairing-Stay/ Air-Intake Unit
- rework of OEM fairing upper into a race unit ( so no light cutouts )
- will start with the mould for fairing lower

Long Term Strategy, my Intention is to have the Stuff available in January:

- Superlight D16 Monocoque
- new rearsets
- superlight Engine-Internals
- new Fueltank
- new Airbox
- new Battery /Location
- Motec M800 Setup ( with Traction-Control and all advanced/ sophisticated Features ), and wire Harness





August 16/2008:

The Desmosedici Fairing Side Panels are available , check the Shop .

Build with EPOXY-RESIN, flexible and durable,
+ Glassfiber                                                                                               
or Carbon/Kevlar  ( my strong recommendation for track-use )      
or Carbon                                                                                               

...all Versions do have less weight than OEM D16 Side Panels

No Copy from  a Copy.

100% Fitment.

August 6/2008:

Fairing Side Panels are done.
In 5 days I'll be able to check their final Quality.
If they turn out good they'll be in my Shop in 10 Days.

Next then will be the Intake/Fairing Stay


August 3/2008:
Pics of the Flywheel tomorrow, here first Pic of a Prototype ( kinda checkout how's the best way to build it) of the Desmo side Panel. Made from Glass fiber, but still a weight saving of 170 gr..

Even the mold has been made from Epoxy-Resin, so there is no shrink and therefore no problems with accuracy of fit.
Don't wanna paint it, so what color for gel coat you'd like.....?





August 2/2008:
Superlight Flywheel available for the Desmo... Pics tomorrow...or check out the Shop


August 1/2008:

One of the Performance Parts, which is a MUST for every serious Race Bike.
CMC ( Carbon Ceramic ) Brakediscs.
Suitable for every condition - from the start, does not matter:

- cold
- wet or dry

Not just like Carbon Carbon Brakedisc which need Temperature to be able to offer stopping Power, these Brakediscs work in every Condition from the first Meters on Road . Available in my Shop from Monday on.



July 31/2008
Carbon Ceramic Brakediscs on Stock !!
The Maximum for the Desmo.
Pictures available tomorrow !


July 20/2008

Side Panels survived the demolding ...


July 18/2008

The fairing side Panels are still in the mold, but can be demolded in a couple of days.
So available in ~ 4 weeks.



July 16/2008
Was good :
I still have to fab a combined Fairing /Dashboard-stay for my own 1098-Project..... and I'm in a rush. So I thought I just use the Mold to build a Prototype of the Desmo-Stay from Glass, which I can rework then to meet my requirements.


July 14/2008

Desmosedici Fairing-Stay, survived demolding.
Right hand the mold.....


July 7/2008

Desmosedici Fairing-Stay, in the makes....

Also Snorkel


July 5/2008

Next to fab the Desmo fairing front (racing) + Lower fairing



Juli 3/2008

Started with the mold of the Desmosedici Fairing side Panels




Juli 2/2008

The Desmo fairing Stay+ Snorkel, cut into 2 half's to be able to make a mold of that pieces.
No way around to damage either the upper or the lower Part.

But in the end ( not as OEM) those 2 Parts will be connected via screws, not bonded, so in case of a crash you are able to exchange the damaged Snorkel OR the Stay.


July 1/2008

Starting from now, but with full intensity ~ October, we will rebuild a Desmosedici.

Intended Specifications at the end :

- 40 kg's less ( approx 90 lbs)
- Motec M800 with:

- new designed rearsets (mounting method)
- new Fueltank with new designed Airbox, with OEM Fueltank Shape just as a cover
- new lower fairing will be available with or without ( means straight flat Shape for track use only ) Kickstand-cutout
- superlight rearbrake
- Carbon/Ceramic Brakediscs
- Offset adjustable Triples
- new linkage for shock
- Titanium Axles and Bolts


... and so on, that's just the List from today.

Here's the start, fairings and stuff......