January 29/2009 .
The choice of rear Desmo Brakediscs ....damn complicated

... I think ( I hope ) that's it.
The Maximum weight loose will be Choice V or IV .
Choice V will allow no Traction Control ( due to the Design of the Brakedisc )
Choice IV/III/II/I even includes Traction-Control Readerslots ( in case you plan to swap on Motec later )

A Picture here.    
A 220- 240mm light Brakedisc ( for OEM Bolt Pattern or BST... etc Wheels ), in 220mm Diameter for Durbahn rear superlight rear Brake Setup - /or 240mm for OEM rear brake Setup.
Both including Traction Control/Speed-reading Opportunities 


Just to let you know - the OEM Desmo rear Brake Disc weights one Kilogram !
I've got my special Brakediscs at 50% of that weight.


January 28/2009 :
The new PVM Mag 6 Spoke 2009 Wheels for the Desmo


The new Speed-Sensor, which I had to build for my new Desmo rearbrake.   
With LED Indication of Operation-Control.

The OEM Desmosedici rear brake : 949 gr. ( 2.09 lbs )
My rear hidden Desmo Brake : 500 gr. ( 1.1 lbs )