Note: all special and common Products, which I have available for S1000RR you can find inside the SHOP

September 2016

Soon available in my Shop - the Evo III Quickshift-Sensor for the 2015-2016-2017 S1000 RR !!










February 19/2015

New Products for the S1000RR :-)

Just Check the Shop


Rearsets (available also Gold and Black)



Rear Brake Disc




EVO II+ Quickshift Sensor 2015 S1000RR - Plug and play !


EVO II Plug and Play Quickshift Sensor for all S1000RR until 2014 !




GP Switch II, allows to bundle the main adjustment opportunities all on one Switch






February 22/2012: S1000RR Monocoque

The mold is finished, and we're able now to fab the Monocoque. But it only matches my Fueltank-Dummy, which needs to be done next.



February 12/2012: S1000RR Chassis/Suspension + Monocoque

The Fork-rebuild is now available in my Shop - aaand: the last 2 Pieces of the Monocoque Mold are done :-)  so in approx 2 Days the mold can be (hopefully) disassembled.




February 02/2012: S1000RR Chassis/Suspension

BMW S1000RR OEM Fork Cartridge/Fork rebuild to separate rebound and compression adjustment

So, the necessary Parts for the Fork-rebuild are machined and coated, so now the S1000RR split Damping rebuild is available inside my Shop !


February 01/2012: S1000RR


2nd Part of the Mold of my S1000RR Monocoque is growing.








January 31/2012: S1000RR Chassis/Suspension

BMW S1000RR OEM Fork Cartridge/Fork rebuild to separate rebound and compression adjustment


We had to machine a few Parts, but that's done now, and first realized the rebuild on my own Fork.
The response and feel is quite distinct, the Advantages- read below

The rebuild soon available inside my Shop (we have to machine a few Internals at present), of course including new Oil, and on request/suggestion including new Springs



January 2/2012: S1000RR Chassis/Suspension

BMW S1000RR OEM Fork Cartridge/Fork rebuild to separate rebound and compression adjustment
The S10000RR OEM Fork is a usual Fork, as most of the others on Market, means the Hydraulic Internals are similar for left and right Fork-Leg. So each Fork-Leg has a rebound + the compression Adjustment Valve. But there's a mutual Influence from the compression to the rebound valve due to the changed hydraulic flow, and whenever you change the setting for one valve, you always slightly change the characteristics of the other one.

So that's why in Moto GP/WSBK the Team changed to separate rebound and compression Adjustment, means one Fork Leg is purely responsible for compression, the other one for rebound.

This Fork-Rebuild will definitely improve the behavior of the S10000RR in a very noticeable way. There is no need at all to go for a expensive Ohlins Cartridge or similar - we achieve the same characteristics by a smart rebuild, at way lower costs including support and individual settings.

 I will offer this rebuild soon. Stay tuned.




December 13/2011: S1000RR Monocoque

The mold getting started.



November 29/2011: S1000RR Monocoque

First Section of the multi-Piece mold is done.



November 27/2011: S1000RR Monocoque is in the makes - seriously.

Luis, the good Soul from Spain helping us.


Then the wax

The final result, close to a mirror





November 4/2011: S1000RR injection Manifold.

So this is my Idea - a Quick release height adjustable Injection Rail.
When I have to remove the Fueltank I would not even have to disconnect the Fuel line, I simple would take it out including Injectors.




October 26/2011: S1000RR the Monocoque

the last missing Piece of Modelwork is done.
The missing Bridge, to carry the load of the Driver efficiently.

Of course I could have build a Monocoque without that Bridge, but that would have increased the weight



October 25/2011: S1000RR Sato Rearsets now available in the Shop.

October 20/2011: S1000RR Sato Rearsets.
Equipped with a wide range of adjustment possibilities (but still unobtrusive), extreme Quality, perfect Optics, normal or GP shift, and the Shiftrod is still running through the Frame !






October 19/2011: S1000RR Fuel rail.

Anodized and equipped with Ducati injectors.
My S1000RR will run only on those 4/upper shower Injectors, I do not need any lower Injectors.
Of course it won't work with the OEM ECU, but it will work with Motec (M800/M880).



August 29/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update

The 5th Time base coated.

It has to be perfect, the usual stuff can be done by others .




August 18/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update + injection Rail



The Plastics: everything base coated again.                                    







The next Step, to "cut" the sharp Edges




August 06/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update/after Cut.

The revolving edge is very sharp, so no normal "bondo"/plastic Filler would keep the sharpness during model work.
So I decided to build this edge from Epoxy/Carbon "flour", which will survive with it's sharpness.


                                                                 Fueltank Dummy revolving edge increased to 2cm



Coating with resin/Carbon flour



Both Pieces pressed together


Removal of superfluous Material, to save Time - less grinding work 





August 02/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update/after Cut.

Added a 90 1" revolving edge.
Brings extreme torsional stiffness, so I will be able to realize my S1000RR Monocoque with approx 1200-1300 gr. !





Check fitment Monocoque Model/Fueltank dummy






Building the 2cm 90 revolving edge for the Fueltank-Dummy 



July 31/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update.

Picture Series.


Cutting Line Decision  


        Cutting Line Check


After Cut    


The 2 separate Units


JulY 28/2011: S1000RR Monocoque Update.
The inside sealing contour of the upper Section of the Airbox is done.
It will belong to the "Fueltank-Dummy".



July 11/2011: S1000RR Injection upper Section

The Layout for the Injectors I've chosen before I disliked, so here's the new Layout .




July 11/2011: S1000RR Airbox upper Section- the beginning



July 07/2011: S1000RR Airbox Picture Series








July 06/2011: S1000RR Airbox Mold

Done so far, now we're going to make the first Airbox lower Section from Carbon.