Durbahn 1098
Rebuild 2008 > March



March 29/2008 :
Start of the 1098R Race ECU readout

March 27/2008 : 
A better Picture of the 1098 / 848 /S/R Central Air-Intake



March 24/2008:
The first 1098 track Fueltank is done.

Capacity : 12 Liter
Weight : 1.8 kg
Crash-protected : yes
Crash- insensitive Location : yes
Lowered Center of Gravity : yes
Centralized Mass Concentration : yes
Matching OEM 1098 : No

Availability : Oct. 2008


Snapshot March 21/2008:
first Carbon 1098 Central Air-Intake out of the mold       



II : analog to the 999V2 Anti-Slip Valve I have made a lighter one for the 1098 now, with a bit less cross-Section. Fount out that the 999V2 Anti Slip valve had bit too much possible Air-throughput.



Snapshots March 19/2008:

March 18/2008:     
The first central Air intake/duct is done. But I have to rework the mold slightly, so I made this Snorkel from Glassfiber.
With this Snorkel I'm able to find and decide the mounting Spots of the Snorkel at the Frame, which was impossible at the model, because it wasn't hollow.
Interestingly this Prototype has a enormous stiffness at a weight of only 450 gr. ( 0.99lbs)- even it's made from Glassfiber.

The Carbon Version I will be able to show you on Sunday ~23/March. My weight calculation is 350 gr. incl. necessary Aluminum Inserts. The whole thing is designed in a way of a "snap-in" of the front fairing into the Intake-mouths of this Snorkel, so I only need some kinda integrated Dash/fairing-upper Section Stay from Carbon, then I've got all.



March 18/2008 :
Got them all , complete 1098/S OEM ECU Ignition and Injection tables, black on white, extracted from the ECU.
Soon the I'll do this with the 1098R Race ECU



March 13/2008 : Ducati 1098 Titanium Engine Screws and Bolts Assy .



And, the first Durbahn 1098 Crankcase Cover is out of the Mold :  



March 12/2008 : Ducati 1098 /S/R Wet Clutch

Well, for me it's just doing the same thing again, but for a couple of you it may be new, these days I'm fitting my own Wet Clutch into the 1098 Engine.
This clutch is approved for 3 years on track on my 999 V2 without having Problems, In my 999 V2 I still use the Friction Plates + Hyperplates which I have mounted 3 years ago, everything is working without Probs, approx 3 lbs less than the 1098 Clutch , a smooth engaging and reliable ! and very light clutch Assembly.


Also done:  upper fairing + Air Intake mold .  


March 09/2008 :
Ducati 1098 /S/R - 848 Quick release Sprocket change System, available in a couple of days.
Weight total incl. Sprocket 2lbs , 50% weight reduction !

Available Sprockets 520 : 37 / 38 / 39



March 06/2008 : Updates.

The mould for the 1098 Central Air Intake is done.
Central Air Runner : of course it wont match a OEM 1098/S/R , but it's a huge Part of my Concept. I do not like side wards mounted Air runners, which just guide Air and do have no other function too, that's just old-fashioned. Central Intakes where introduced by Honda RC51s first, and then taken over by most Makers , and in GP.
A simple Calculation, the Central Air Intake is Dashboard-Bracket, Fairing-Stay and Air runner in one , which saves a lot of lbs's .

The upper fairing I made with the large Intakes will fit to a OEM 1098, but the Air runners need to be adapted/modified.
For those who are able to do that themselves I will offer the upper fairing with the large Intakes in about 2 weeks.
I think once I have the Time I will create Air runners for that upper fairing too , but the expected Date to have that Work done is ~ Nov. 08 to January 09.

Cable Clutch Conversion is available from now for all 1098/S/R 848 Models , found the matching Clutch lever-Assy - please check the Shop if you like

A Picture from Modelwork of my Ducati  Fueltank . The Picture is from October 16/2008.

March 02/2008 : Got it !
1098/S/R Desmosedici,
whatever it is, I will be able extract all the Data of Ignition Timing and Injection within a comparatively low amount of Time ( 3-5 days approx ), to be able to construct  initial working Files for Motec ECU System with lots of sophisticated features. I won't tell too much, as the testing of the Idea I have still will take ~ 2 weeks.
I need some more electronically devices, then I will know more .



February 23 /2008 : The 1098 /R/S  Air-Intake Part IV + 1098 / 848 upper Fairing . 

Base-Coated :
- Fairing upper with larger Intakes
- Durbahn central Airduct with Motec ECU storage opportunity




February 18-20 /2008 : The 1098 /R/S  Air-Intake, Part III.                 

As everything behind Fairings openings what's guiding the Air into the Airbox, is a Part of the Airbox, so even it's Volume counts as Airbox Volume, I thought why should I go for typical  Airrunner-design ? So I occupied all the available Space at the front fairing upper Section to have the Air-Intake as huge as possible.

Well, looks a bit strange for you at present , but let me finish the whole thing.
But the Localization has it reason , in front of it it'll be a ADL2, so I've you short wire for Information-Exchange between those 2 Devices.

A couple of day ago :

February 06/2008 : The 1098 /R/S  Air-Intake, Part II.

Picture below taken from the rear end, the Air-Intake.
I've used the triangle opening of the Ducati 1098 /R/S steel tube trellis Frame front end for the Air-Intake.

Lots of Advantages ( similar to my 999 V2 ) , one Piece :
-  which is guiding the Air
-  which is working as Dashboard-Bracket
- which is fairing Stay
- clean Optics
- no hassle to make the Airrunners matching the fairing while you mount it
- extreme weight loose
- increased Air Volume
- less crash sensitive Parts

NOTE : this Air-Intake WON'T match a standard 1098 R or S or whatever , without all the other Bits which are developed already, or need to be developed.





February 05/2008 : The 1098 Air-Intake.            

Well, after Timeout of 6 Weeks with programming the Online Shop I'm back again.
I started with the Modelwork of a direct Air Intake ( close concept as the V2 or  ).
Looks a bit square at present , but I need some kinda base to start.
And : this Air-Intake WON'T match a standard 1098 R or S or whatever , without all the other Bits which are developed already, or need to be developed.

February 03/2008   
The PB Magazine is out. Available. Including the pictured Secrets of my 1098 Project.
I like this Magazine at the most of all Sportsbikes Mags out there in the world. This Magazine does not focus the usual stuff , none of the usual statements inside:



January 30/2008

I:  The Alternator Idea  
What you see is - an Alternator, which has at least the Power Output of a OEM Alternator, at a total of 2"diameter !
That maybe new for you, but not for me ( as I have this Alternator for 3 years already )
NO normal rectifier will work with this Package of Power ( this Alternator can deliver up to 1000W , believe it or not )

But the News are - the rectifier therefore is within reach , got the Info today.
So we're talking the about a 250 gr. Alternator which can substitute EVERY Crank driven Alternator.
More soon, that's just the News from today.

II: Crank comparison 1098 998 999  
Interesting, a btw. Pic while I had those 3 Cranks available while I made some Pics


January 10/2008

PB , Performance Bikes Magazine in Hamburg .


Gary Inman , PB Editor, www.performancebikes.co.uk :

While Gary was here he had an Interview with Casey Stoner , however....... Gary rode Stoners Desmosedici, his comment was :"  riding this Bike it really brought me back to the weight thing " .

Tom Salt , Photographer , www.tomsalt.com :


Tom shoot Tons of Pics , Gary - as always - wrote down everything until he had bloody fingers. I enclosed both into my heart.