Durbahn 1098
Rebuild 2008 , April to June


June 27/2008

It's Time to start building my new 1098 Titanium Muffler.
Bit flat at present, hope to get it into correct shape next 14 days.


Waiting for a test, my Anti-Slip valve  



June 24/2008

Raw overview from today:

- relocated the rear suspension rocker, necessary if you mount a 999 DSSW  

- mounted the stuff I need to check where I have space to route the headers


As with the Carbon Ceramic Brakediscs there is no Chance to place "Readerslots" for Traction Control into it, I have developed a smart 52 gr. Readerslots-Disc with somehow "invisible" Slots, which is attached to the Disc.

June 20/2008

Started to fab a model of my new 1098 Muffler. 



June 13/2008

   Road or track, doesn't Matter - the new A123 Lipower Packs save 2.6 kg ( or 5.6 lbs !! )


June 12/2008


June 12/2008
Pic2 of the 1098 Carbon fairing.
I will be able to deliver the first 1098 Fairings ( Carbon, Glass or Carbon/Kevlar ) in about 7 Weeks, but because my capacities and my Time is limited I can not produce a high Number at present.
So if you would like to have more Information or would advance-order this fairing, please drop me an E-Mail.

And, have look at the Section where upper and lower is connected.
I've paid a lot of Attention, that this Section high-precision, so it almost looks like it's one Piece.


June 11/2008
Fine work is starting.
Taking care of the little things, here the Fueltank inside lightening.
Once calibrated with Markers it's easy to fill the Fueltank with a accuracy of ~ 1/4 liter.


June 07/2008

The first fairing and Monocoque is done.
Weight of my new (personal) Monocoque:1100gr., that's 2.42lbs


June 06/2008

At the Track, a buddy of mine with the 1098R ,mounted some of the little Bits you need to get that fat Pig light and some to make it fast....andor both.

Mr. K and Mr. B - veeery funny fast guys....



May 28/2008
The wire Harness done so far

My 1098 Fairing Lower out of the mold



May 27/2008

The Fueltank Cover mounted on the Fueltank.


May 26/2008

The first Fueltank- cover is out of the mold, still not cut.
Weight uncut 482 gr. ( or 1.06 lbs) .
Estimated weight cut ~ 440 gr. ( ~ 0.98 lbs )



May 25/2008
3 Days of Work to get the Wire Harness done to that Status quo below.
I estimate another full 2 days to have it done completely.
What's following then is programming and calibration, which will take another 3 days.
I have used a lightweight Polyamide-Mesh Tube to cover the wires, like that stuff.


Without a Documentation you're lost of course.
Each wire has it's own distinct color, and you have to note which wire has which Pin and what's the function of it.
89 different colors I've got at present



Installed Sensors at present:
- Ground Distance L/R
- GForce X/Y/Z Axis
- Airbox Pressure
- Airbox Intake Air Temp
- Water Temp
- Throttle Position
- Throttle Acceleration (Math Function)
- Quickshift
- Gyro
- Tire Temp Rear Middle
- Tire Temp Rear Left
- Tire Temp Rear Right
- Suspension front
- Suspension rear
- Lambda front Cyl
- Lambda rear Cyl
- Wheelspeed Front Res:40U/T
- Wheelspeed Rear Res:40U/T

Communications :
- Can

Still thinking about ( considering cramped Time Frame I do not think I will realize that yet ) :
- Fuelpressure
- Fuel Temp
- Clutch pressure
- Brake Pressure




May 23/2008
Proceeding with the Wire Harness.
May look terrible, and of course it's a bunch of work involved, you really need to know what you do.
The whole Engine Management is not a big Deal, but you need a raw Layout of the Sensors which you like to install, if those Sensors need 3,3 , 5 or 12V Power supply, and you need to decide where you want to locate them, which Function will be taken over by the M800, and which by the ADL2........ before you start building a wire harness.




May 23/2008.

Not much of Time left, so I started with the 1098 wire-Harness.

Most important is a raw sketch of the required Sensors, before you start with that Job ,and the decision of Tasks which has to be done by the M800, and which by the ADL2......


May 19/2008.

Have finished the superlight 848-1098 /S/R Rearbrake-Assy.

2lbs less weight ( unsprung and rotating ! )







May 18/2008.
Browsing through my Picture Folders I found that Picture, a "Comparo" of different Ducati .
As I'm very satisfied with my 1098 Fueltank-Dummy Design and 70% with my Tail - the 1098 Fairing I've made makes me headaches Optics wise, because it's far too close to OEM Optics, which I do not like too much.
But no Time left, so this year it'll be the clothing of my 1098, but whenever I have the Chance ,so maybe with some little help of my friends - I will design my own 1098 Fairing for 2009.





May 15/2008.

My Bike at present.






May 06/2008:

Ducati 1098 - Ducati Borken : 


Bike: www.ducati-borken.de
Photographer: www.Concept-Fotostudio.de





May 05/2008: 1098/848 Fairing Molds upper and lower.

The Fairing will be available in approx 4 weeks.


May 03/2008 the Waterpump:

Might look some kinda minor mod for you, but it's something, which takes some serious Time..... to rework, means to shorten the Waterpump-Axle aswell as the opposite Camdrive-Axle for my new Crankcase Cover . As the Axle is very hard I've not been able to machine it myself, and my buddy Peter was the one who has to do this Job.....


April 28/2008 in the Makes.

- Fairing upper


Tail and Fueltank-Dummy       


Fairing Lower waiting for polishing  




April 28/2008

A at least 2.5 lbs weight saving 848 + 1098 /S/R rear Brake Assy available in 3 Weeks!
Will have the OEM Speed reading Nubs and is designed also for OEM speed reading sensor !


April 24/2008 bit OT


Assen Superbike Pics from today, Electronic rules.
In the end I don't think I will build a wire harness like that for my 1098, because it's simple too heavy .
The Superbikes same as GP do have a weight limit, so of course they can spend some of the weight into the Wire harness.

I won't.



Have a close look to the Plug " Gyro 1 " 

April 23/2008
1098 Crankshaft-Rework.
Peter , the good soul who's always there to help me when it's getting very difficult.

For my Cover the Crank needed to be shortened, and machined to fit the Alternator Side Crank support bearing.



April 21/2008 , my " No-Alternator " Ducati Engine Cover

Will be equipped with a Ref/Sync Setup for very stable Idle even when the Engine has lost a huge amount of rotating Mass 


The Story of how to shorten the Shiftaxle 27mm        



April 21/2008
Motec ADL2 Wiring
Well, that normally does not belong here, as I'm wiring a RC51 at present with Motec M800 and ADL2 .
But therefore I've used the 1098 left hand switch unit, which I have rewired internally, to suit my Application for a Race Bike.
Perfect Arrangement :

.... but programming a ADL2 is way more than a day of work, as Can-Communication custom data Sets needs to be set, individually Alarms programmed , each Channel needs to be assigned, then each calibrated.. and so on.



April 18/2008
Super and megalight 1098 Flywheel soon available .     


April 17/2008
1098 at least needs a different offset, dunno of 848 too ,and the lighter the Bike gets the more you have to change the Offset.
However I will take care to offer adjustable and light Triple Clamps for 1098 and 848 in about 7 weeks.
I will take care that the steering-damper mounting Spot will be adjustable too then.



April 16/2008 Pictures
Not a lot of Time left for large Explanations, so the Pictures have to speak for themselves.

I: Rearsets  

II: Modelwork general        

III: quick change rear sprocket System                   


April 11/2008



April 9/2008, three Pictures for U, no comment.


    April 8/2008, six Pictures for U, no comment.



April 7/2008: Durbahn 1098 Tailsection :
Looks like not a lot happened, was a full day of Modelwork - to create kinda integral Optics between the Tail and upper Fueltank-Cover.



April 5/2008: Durbahn 1098 Fairing lower + Tailsection :
If you check your 1098 a bit closer from direct Side view - with an untouchable Eye - you will detect, that the 1098 Fairing lower Section looks very different to the upper, as made from 2 different designers, or whatever. Whilst the upper is plain and straight the lower has lots of openings here and broken lines there, and the lower is too short. Therefore the 1098 looks kinda plump and not really dynamic.

So I have prolonged the rear lower end ~ 3", and closed one of the 2 openings inside the lower fairing to make look the whole Bike as from "one cast" , bit more the Style the Desmosedeci is.




Not too much done at the Tail today, but the triangle opening at the Tails front end should look like a "real" triangle, not that "washed" type of triangle which is inside the 1098 OEM Tail. Reason is simple, the trellis frame has hard and distinct triangles, so if there's a triangle showing up inside the Design of the Plastics it should have at least a distinct Shape too.



April 4/2008:
A real light 1098 has to look light, that's why I'm creating this Setup for myself.
Kinda misery, that I still have to build the Models ( means from first Idea to sanding with finishing Paper ), because I've so many other things to to or to invent, and the modelwork is so Time consuming.


Only creating the Tail ( and not even starting from zero) is as much Time as it would take to build 3-4 nuts custom Titanium Exhausts. But I do not have a Tail and I do not have an Exhaust at present .

April 3/2008, here I started       

Check out.....       

April 2/2008, couple of News:

1: Started with my own Rearsets ( not for Sale ):
2:  send away the 999R Swingarm ( for my Durbahn 1098 ) , to prolong it.

3: Interesting feature , the 1098R is back on steel belt rollers

  4: Way more interesting- the Fairing for the 1098/S/R is in the Makes