1098 Intentions


Generally I'm checking the weight saving Potential of a Bike first-before I act . And this procedure of checking/ thinking is usually 3-6 months. Because just acting makes no sense when you've got no Idea what the whole thing should be in the End .
Someday everything found together and I got it , this was the Day when I began .

I do not want to show you this common bolt on Parts rebuild Bike , I am even not able to do that , because I need the 1098 for myself on track- thats why most of the " high-performance" stuff on Market does not meet my Expectations .

Owning superlight and powerful Bikes from 1993 , when I've realized my first RC30 - I know , that there is a lot of detail-work necessary , and kinda " whole new thinking " , to create a real performing Bike.

For me ( anyway not talking about bling Parts ):
Some Magnesium Wheels - do not help
Some Magnesium Wheels + Carbon Fairings/Plastics - do not help
Some Magnesium Wheels + Carbon Fairings/Plastics + light Engine Internals - maybe a start.
Some Magnesium Wheels + Carbon Fairings/Plastics + light Engine Internals + Titanium Exhaust - you're on the right way .

But all in all it needs more . More Attention to details and the whole concept .


An Example , September 17/2007 :

The Shiftdrum-Story .
Meanwhile I'm very familiar with that kinda Job . You need the lathe , right drills for hardened Steel , some feeling for rough Tools ..... and then you start.
First was the on the Lathe    Next then drilling     The result after 2 hrs. 

Got the shiftdrum down to 556 gr . , not so bad .
Checked my 999 Web , there I have brought it down to 620 gr in 3 hrs - as I said , meanwhile I know the procedure .
And yes , I know there are Ergal Aluminum Shiftrums on Market , which will be still lighter  , but I do not trust this Material - as for longevity.
I'm trying to reach a good mix with the Durbahn 1098 , that's why I :

Do not use the most light Aluminum or Carbon Handlebars
Do not use Carbon Wheels
Still will have a Starter-Motor
...........and still will reach my goal .